Spheroid: Major League Four

Whether he’s writing about why Cal Ripken was the sports equivalent of U2, his iPod or fantasy analysis,  Ben Heller has an MLBlog worth exploring over at Major League Four. He’s one of many people here who work for MLBAM in some capacity and blog right alongside all of fandom. Thanks to Ben for his response below to our Nine Questions as today’s featured Spheroid:

1. What are the best reasons that other baseball fans should visit your MLBlog?

Because I’m awesome. Ok, so I’m not really awesome, but my MLBlog has moments of awesome-ness. I give little thoughts about our writing on the MLB.com fantasy site, as well as music reccomendations, amusing tidbits, fun games and much more. If I didn’t write it, I’d consider reading it.

2. Favorite team and why:

The Red Sox. Grew up in Boston and went to games back when the bleachers were empty enough for streakers to run through on quiet Tuesday nights. I’m obviously thrilled that they won the World Series, but the "Red Sox Nation" thing is totally out of hand these days. It’s like a cult up there. You can’t be within a 100-mile radius of Boston without seeing someone in a Jason Varitek T-shirt, complaining about the bullpen. Really, it’s frightening.

3. If your MLBlog were any baseball player past or present, who would he be and why?

My blog is thoughtful, amusing, well-liked and often ignored. So it’s like Gabe Kapler. Just with more hair and less muscles.

4. How did you first hear about MLBlogs and why did you join The Show?

I found them on MLB.com and soon after getting hired as a part-timer for the MLB.com fantasy site earlier this year I thought, "Hey, I should get me one of those." So I did.

5. Favorite blogs of any kind, including at least one in the MLBlogosphere?

For the MLBlogoshpere, I’ll go with Klayman’s Katastrophes, since it’s totally awesome, and no, that
has absolutely nothing to do with him being my boss. For general sports blogs, I dig Deadspin. Funny stuff there.

6. What is something not on your About page that MLBloggers should know about you?

I’m kind of a big deal. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahagony.

7. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I have no editor.

8. Your most memorable Major League moment(s):

In person, either Jim Rice hitting a grand slam at the first game I went to in 1980, or Trot Nixon’s walk-off homer off Rich Harden in Game 3 of the 2003 ALDS. Game 1 of the 2004 World Series wasn’t bad either. (Though half the people in the crowd hadn’t been to a game since the ’99 All-Star Game. Big bummer).

Best memory not in person would be when the NYPD closed down a few blocks on Third Ave after the Sox won the World Series. It was a Sox haven for a few weeks, so afterwards, everyone hung out in the street and yelled for a while. If Yankee fans had done the same in Boston, the cops would have sent them all to jail. At best.

9. Happiness is…

A warm gun. Either that or making others smile, which I hope my blog does from time to time.

Visit Ben’s MLBlog at Major League Four and check out his fantasy content on MLB.com as well. Email us anytime with your own responses to those Nine Questions if you’d like us to promote your MLBlog as a future Spheroid here.


I enjoyed this spheroid very much.

-The Baseball Collector

“My blog is thoughtful, amusing, well-liked and often ignored. So it’s like Gabe Kapler. Just with more hair and less muscles.”

Best part of any spheroid . . . hand down. Sometimes, it is about the intangibles. Gabe is one.



You want to know which 2006 homer stands out? How about a two out walk-off grand slam by back-up catcher Gary Bennett against the Cardinals biggest rival (Cubs) for a series sweep.

Clutch. Very clutch.



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