Weekend Spherage

Updated 1:01 am ET: While Hinske strikes out three times (looking in the ninth) and misses a catch, leading Boston to a 4-3 loss at Seattle, the Twins are the story. Who in the MLBlogosphere thinks Detroit can hold them off now that the AL Central lead is down to four games? Is it possible that Ron Gardenhire’s team, unexpected to do anything last spring, getting by without Liriano, is the best team in baseball and on its way to a third world championship? You never know in this game, which makes it great. It’s going to be a wild final month — as usual. . . . Cool post by our friend Gabriel at DA BRONX BOMBERS — you have to see the Baseball Barn. How does that just happen?


Saturday Night Fever: This is weird and I should be watching baseball, but after living and breathing it at the offices all week I rented "Saturday Night Fever" and watched it again this evening. The DVD includes the VH1 "Behind the Scenes" about Travolta, which I hadn’t seen before. Feel free to flame me in the comments. I’m mentioning this because I saw that Willy Taveras just stretched his hitting streak to a club-record 29 games. Close spelling to the above Tavares band above that played in that musical. I think they’re pronounced differently as well. The band has an "r" syllable and the player an "err" syllable. I think. ‘Stros Bro and Space Race, take it away.

Sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with who’s liveblogging each night, but just noticed that our friend Kellia is liveblogging at Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes so feel free to keep her company.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with an "anti-spam blocker" when trying to comment on an MLBlog? I saw this comment thread on Inside the Dodgers and am following up. Not something I’m aware and can consult with our Six Apart partners. I do know there’s an annoying troll on any Giants blogs who we’ve had to waste time on, and that’s always a candidate to be a Dodger fan. But it looks like multiple people on Josh’s fine club blog experienced this.

Update on "Invincible": You didn’t want it to end. Moves into my top five all-time sports movies along with "Hoosiers" and "Bull Durham," and might be No. 1, although time and perspective are needed for that kind of placement. Tiff at Party Like It’s 1982 might want to revise her list.

Thanks to Adam Hoge of Sox Pride for being our MLBlogger of the Week last night. You can find the replay of his appearance on MLB Radio‘s "Under the Lights" by clicking the drop-down menu on the MLBlogs.com homepage. We have some folks on deck for future Fridays, and Chris, the show’s producer, is the person who contacts whomever is needed/volunteering. I just pass it along. Got a feeling we might have to go with a Bomber-template blogger next Friday; I was surprised to see that we’ve only had one of them as MLBlogger of the Week (long-lost Dave of Mad Dog Reports) since we started doing it last year, and it’s a given that the Yanks have more MLB Radio listeners than any team…fact of life.

Gotta give credit to Brady over at In the Cards for going above and beyond to promote his own MLBlog. He’s already been a Spheroid in the short time since he started, and now he has figured out how to hack a scroll in the top of his blog and also has a custom T-shirt.

Good luck to the son of our friend Michael over at Some Ballyard, competing Sunday in a race in Virginia where the surf’s up and the view is nice.

A-Rod, A-Rod. Something tells me we’re about to go through all this again. Will the Red Sox capitalize at Seattle?

We’re doing the weekend sampler thing on the MLBlogs homepage this weekend, trying to spread some love around. Sorry if we don’t get everyone included when we swap out links.

Calm down, Ernesto. Just calm down. Take a nap in Jamaica.



It’s funny that you mention it since it was one of the first things that went through my mind back when I had to do a full feature article on Willy T for our spanish-language publication, Cronicas de los Astros.

Since many people misspell or pronounce his last name the wrong way, I thought that I’d break the ice with that exact question: How do you pronounce your last name?

He answered loud and clear “TAVERAS! So many people ask me about that all the time, you know… American (broadcasters) don’t know how to say it properly. They ask me whether I’m related to Julian Tavarez or not, but I don’t really care”



the Astro who HAD a 30 game hit streak..just saw the box score.

In the Cards


It looks like Alyson Footer our Astros columnist was reading your blog Mark! In her weekly mailbag she posted this at the top.

A note to national reporters, broadcasters and world wide leaders: It’s Tav-ER-as. That’s Tav-AIR-as, not Tav-ARE-ez. The reliever for the Red Sox is Tavarez. The Astro with the 30-game hitting streak is Taveras. Thanks.

In the Cards has a new feature about baseball collector Zack Hample after I did an interview, check it out!

In the Cards


Matt — that was a great song. Thinking about that one takes you back to Motown style.

Thomas – thanks, we’re on the same page with pronunciation then. Willy is “air” and the band is “are”…

Joe — smooth move on the cafepress collection. That’s a company that knows how to use the long tail to perfection. It’s all about the long tail. (Can you tell I’m currently reading Chris Anderson’s “The Long Tail”?…lol)

Jonathan — I can dig it.

I don’t really know how to do it phonetically(or whatever), but it’s “ta v’air’ is” not “ta v’are’ is” if that makes any sense. Well at least that’s how the Astors announcers say it so I’m assuming I’m right.


One of my first music purchases as a teen, through the Columbia Record Club, was a Tavares album – a year or so before Sat Nite Fever.

“Free Ride” was my favorite track & “It Only Takes A Minute( To Fall In Love)” was a big hit.


I have a big time feature coming out soon after I did an interview with a fellow blogger…his story we all know, but maybe you can find some new info on him by reading the feature. It’s coming to my blog soon…it’s pretty long, but not too long.
In the Cards


Come to INSIDE PITCH and read

“The Gunslingers”

In a year when catchers are tearing the cover off the ball, let’s not forget what they get paid for.

Come to INSIDE PITCH and see who the top catchers are when it comes to throwing out base thieves.

Is Pudge still the best?

Carl The Cabbie


Just saw the trailer for Invincible. Looks like something I would want to see.

I was thinking just this afternoon that they should make a movie out of the story of Chris Coste, the 33 year old rookie catcher for the Phillies.


Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes


Hi Mark,

Just to let you know, I also have branched out in the marketing efforts.

I have shirts, mugs, bags, etc., now for the Dugout. Here’s the link if you want to take a look:




hey thanks for the compliment. It wasn’t hard to put the scrolling text up there, just took the code and pasted it under the title heh.

In the Cards


Sat Night Fever…great movie Mark….good choice…great flick….better soundtrack..def a guilty pleasure…”can you dig it….i knew that you could”


If you do change your mind about baseball, you can always watch the Red Sox attempt to capitalize on A-Rods 3 strikeouts as they take on Seattle tonight. The first night of staying up until 1 isn’t so bad, it’s the fifth or six that starts to make you pretty sleepy, so you should be home free tonight.



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