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Speaking of the Sphere, I wrote this story on the MLB.com homepage about Pluto being sent down. So far I am getting more positive email for that than any story I have written at MLB.com in recent years, the one exception being the guy who said I was a Bill Simmons wannabe. I think people like a little fun perspective mixed in with the winning and losing headlines, don’t you?

ChadSpeaking of fun perspective, one of the most entertaining posts on MLBlogs right now was just saved by our friend Edward over at DC Daily. Gotta see his take on Chad Cordero’s flat-brimmed Nationals cap. Had not personally noticed that before, and you always learn something new around MLBlogs by the most observant fans around.

The most amazing thing about the standings to me is how many AL teams would have the best record in the NL if you excluded the Mets. As of this writing, there are EIGHT of them to be exact. That is unbelievable. It includes the Blue Jays and Angels, who have .528 winning percentages, which would be second-best in the NL, matching St. Louis. Yes, Toronto would have the best record in the NL right now other than the Mets. Just astounding. That is more than half of the entire AL, comprised of 14 teams. I can’t think of another year that the NL will go into the postseason as such a clear underdog, although there is no reason to think that the Mets can’t win it all.

The worst part is that four of those eight AL teams are going to be watching the postseason with the rest of us, and knowing full well that they would have matched up well against the NL’s best team, even having the home-field advantage.

Looks like there might be a hurricane brewing in the tropics, and if it becomes Ernesto and nears Cuba, thoughts will be with our MLBlogging groundskeeping guru there. Feel free to drop Murray a comment to keep him company during those preparations.

Really enjoyed our friend Jonathan’s interview with the author of the Curse of Carl Mays book. You never know what you’ll find on an MLBlog.

Was good to see our friend Rob rambling again here after a blogging hiatus. Cubs need him.

Reminder to please email us your responses to the Nine Questions asked of previous Spheroids here if you’d like to get some more promotion for your MLBlog. Just click the Spheroids category on the right here and look through them — they go way back. None on the docket as far as I know.

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Hi Mark, thanks for posting a link to my photo album!



Marvelous idea, very well executed!

My favorite story references were Pluto being ” kind of distant” and that Earth, the #3 hitter, was “the people’s choice”.

As delightful as your story is(and it is), I think it has even more potential as a shorter, tighter piece.

Congratulatons, and good luck with it!


It WAS quite a cute piece. Always nice to have a change of pace. I knew you were behind it as soon as I saw the headline.

-The Baseball Collector

Thanks, E Maj. The Pluto email continues to pour in. Loving the readers’ comments. One person suggested we replace Pluto with a DH in the 9-hole. Another suggests that Pluto should be called back up Sept. 1. People are having a lot of fun with this story.

Edward, I’ll take a look at Reyes. Think you’ve definitely spotted a trend. You should write a freelance article. Everyone knows the flat-brim look is big away from the baseball field, especially in hip-hop.


Great piece Mark. As a bonus, we get use trans-Neptunian object in conversation, so I’m milking it for all its worth.


E Maj(BBHeckler)

PS the flat brim is catching on, check out Anthony Reyes MLB pics when he was up with the Cardinals.

Thanks for the shoutout Mark, at least I can still laugh at 54-73. The Nationals’ll get ’em next year or maybe the year after that.


Thanks! It is good to be back. I love blogging…even during this rough year for us Cub fans. I have some thoughts on 2007 I just posted.


John, amazing how many scientists I heard from on that one who are baseball fans!

Being a bit of a science/space geek, I’ve got to say I love the Pluto article.

Great stuff!



By the way, I uploaded a photo album of the Lebanese border today.

And yeah, I did miss the bobblehead layout. I watched “9 Innings from Ground Zero” today though, so Jeter is a good guy right now.



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