Calling all bobblehead lovers


Bobblejeter_1Call-out to give your MLBlog more promotion:

Everyone remembers his or her first bobblehead. Mine was at Riverfront Stadium in the early 1970s, a big baseball-head version of the Cincinnati Reds’ mascot. Or it was Pete Rose. OK, on second thought, you might not remember that first bobblehead. But if you are like most of us here at the offices, you probably have one or more of them as decor in your workspace.

We’re looking for great bobblehead blog posts. We’d love to see photos of how you display your bobbles, too. Then we’ll present them in a fun way on the homepage.

In the meantime, you can find megabobbles at the Shop. It’s amazing how many new  models come along. And this place is usually the cutting-edge gateway; we’re like the Statue of Liberty for bobbleheads; welcome to your fans. We get the samples that people want to sell at the Shop. Every shape and size. Bobbleheads never go away; I wrote a story for a while back about the ever-growing phenomenon of bobbles. I just saw on the Orioles’ promotions & giveaways page that there is actually a Melvin Mora Celebration Bobblehead that will be given away at Camden Yards tomorrow night. What is YOUR bobblehead story? Would love to see lots of bloggleheads pausing here to share your thoughts and your pics, so we can bring you more attention and have fun with a very fun topic for baseball fans!

– Mark




What Fenway bobblehead are you talking about? I’ve only been to Fenway once since 2003, and I don’t remember getting anything on my way in.

Anyway, I’m NOT judging bobblehead collectors. I feel like that point may have been missed.

-The Baseball Collector

Thanks for the continued bobble dialogue, all. Hey Arielle, think you might have missed the featured panel display we did for this on the homepage yesterday — it was a row of bobbles, and Schilling (in Sox attire) was on the left. Jeter wasn’t in that one.

Keep the bobblehead stories coming — will promote the best bobble stories/pics on the mlblogs homepage the same way shortly.

My first bobblehead was Curt Schilling in a Diamondbacks uni. I got it after he posted on the RSFF.

By the way, I’ve noticed that the Red Sox bobblehead is kind of in the back of the picture away from the natural focus of the eye and you have a Derek Jeter one in your post, so maybe you should add like, a Jason Varitek one in there. You know, just to be fair.

And Zack, it is kind of hypocritical. Unless, you know, you send me one that you got from Fenway Park, in which case you are not at all hypocritical. 🙂


Rob, my very first bobblehead was one of those Luis Gonzalez ones from the Post cereals!

I just packed up all my bobbleheads not two weeks ago…but made a list of them so I knew what was going in the box.

What a neat idea for an entry, Mark!

And, yes, Zack, it’s a little hypocritical to judge people who want to collect bobbleheads given how you spend your time. 🙂

Nothing about bobbleheads, but I did just post a really long thing I wrote a year and a half ago comparing U2 to Cal Ripken Jr.

My short entry on bobbleheads is on my blog at

Be sure to check out the comments by Diamondhacks and Cabbie


Life, Baseball, & a guy who gives his team leads the bullpen cannot hold!

Not to be a party pooper or anything, but I really don’t get the whole bobblehead thing. They’ve just never appealed to me. I’d be interested to hear from a serious bobble collecter about what the big deal really is. I don’t say this as an insult. Believe me. I’ve had plenty of people tell me that collecting baseballs is dumb. To each his/her own, I say…so someone, please explain it to me. Explain your passion so I can GET it. I’ve been in the dark too long on this.

-The Baseball Collector

Good to hear from you, John. I remember talking to the CEO of Alexander Global Promotions, the liege lord of bobbles, and he noted how this is somehow confined to mostly an unabated American phenomenon. For some reason has just become part of the fabric of fan-following over here, and evidently here to stay. No idea if that particular bobble makes its way to the Shop…at least you can get bobbles there.

BTW, just helped Jorge Cantu get his post saved to his blog while the game is going on. Figured you’d want to see it at


Its funny you should post this right now – the Rays have a promotion coming up that I am just desperate to get my hands on.

I think its September 2nd, they’re giving away Joe Magrane and Dewayne Staats double talking bobbleheads. (they’re the Rays TV announcers). I want one!! Its not fair that I can’t go down to the Trop to get one!

We don’t really have bobbleheaded-anythings over here in England… how disappointing is that?!


Rob, first of all glad you resumed MLBlogging recently! Great to have you back around here. Secondly, you sir are a truly sick fan…in a good way, lol. Hope the cereal was good! Looking forward to seeing your pics…please comment back here whenever you’ve posted anything!


I will definitely have to take some pics of my bobblehead collection to show them. Without a doubt the most embarassing addition to my collection are these little plastic ones that came in the Post cereal 4 years ago. My sons and I bought way more boxes than I would ever be willing to admit to complete the set. When we finally got the last one (Jeff Bagwell) to complete the set…we had enough extra ones to make 3 more sets minus the Bagwell of course.

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