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Jonathan of Red Sox Nation Daily will be the MLBlogger of the Week tonight, appearing on the MLB Radio show "Under the Lights" around 10:15 ET. Please be sure to listen to hear him talk about his MLBlog and about the anticipation of being there in person to watch the Yankees-Sox rivalry under way at Fenway. He’s taking a Sox fan and a Yankee fan with him — should be interesting. As always, you can find previous MLBloggers of the Week by clicking the drop-down under the Multimedia heading on the homepage.

So regarding the previous post here as well as the speculation in the comments on Zack Hample’s blog, yes, The Baseball Collector has a nice addition for his collection that is not your average batting practice ball. How does he do it? Read his blog and find out. Also keep an eye on our Left Field page at, to see a first-person account — should be there shortly.

Ronnie Dunn of Brooks and Dunn was just in front of our building here. Love working at this place. You watch him on NBC’s "Today" show playing at Rockefeller Center in the morning, and then you see him sightseeing around your building later in the day. Two days ago, I am standing out front and a familiar face walks by all by himself on the sidewalk — Delroy Lindo, recognized by most for his roles as the detective in Gone in Sixty Seconds or as Mr. Rose in the Cider House Rules, but always to me for his role as Satchel Paige in Soul of the Game.

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Everyone, just letting you know, I’m doing a huge feature for my blog that I want everyone to read. I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into this, and I haven’t told anyone about it. I don’t know when I’ll be finished, could be tonight or tomorrow. This is the best way I have to promote it, so be on the lookout. Thanks,

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