It was a matter of time

Big news forthcoming about a certain MLBlogger with a hobby. Some of you might guess it if you watched last night’s MLB action closely enough, from 7 pm to 4 am. Won’t spoil the person’s secret here, but you’ll see it soon enough and someone probably will crack the code provided in this paragraph. It was probably just a matter of time…


crazy! thanks for the tip
I had a feeling it was Zack, but I didn’t know what it was.


In the Cards


the “who” is Zack Hample

the “what” is that (supposedly) Zack caught Barry Bonds’ home run last night.

What is it?

Feel free. It’s not an official fact until the person makes it so in the forthcoming blog post, though. We’re like tabloid buzz on this one. We just happen to know it’s fact already.

Ooh ooh! I know who/what it is!

Should I tell?

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