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For the first time since 2003, the St. Louis Cardinals are in a battle for the National League Central title. And a fairly new teen-age MLBlogger named Brady will be along for the ride, posting about it on In the Cards. We appreciate the responses to these Nine Questions as today’s featured Spheroid, and feel free to do the same with your MLBlog:

What are the best reasons that other baseball fans should visit your MLBlog?

I am a 16-year-old aspiring sports writer who writes for a newspaper, Albert Pujols’ personal newsletter, numerous Cardinals sites, and I would like to get my name out there. If you love the Cardinals, you’ll find yourself at home reading my blog. I will cover numerous topics, including all controversial news stories in baseball but my main if focus is the St. Louis Cardinals. Of course, those interested in reading the progress I’ve made as a 16-year-old would like it as well. I try to entertain the readers with my opinionated posts, although I make sure I get the facts straight, too.

Favorite team and why?

I am a Cardinals fan through and through. It’s a strange story, but believe it or not I wasn’t even a sports fan until about 2002 or 2003, when my Pastor took some of his confirmation students to a Cardinals game at the old Busch Stadium. It had to be one of the greatest days of my life, and ever since that day I have been a Cardinals fan, and I always will be. They play with heart, they have the best fans in baseball (most of the time), they have extremely likeable players, and they play in the best city in the world. I’ve been to six games in my life, all of which were wins (including one walk-off homer by Pujols), but I haven’t missed one game ever since that day, whether it be on MLB.com or on the TV or satellite radio, I’m always with the Cardinals. I bleed Cardinal red, and I’ll probably die wearing a Cardinals shirt.

If your MLBlog were any baseball player past or present, who would he be and why?

Al Hrabosky, because he went on into broadcasting and loves to share his opinions on the team during the game broadcasts. He was a great reliever back in his day, but the reason he fits my blog the best is because of his love for the team and because he wants to share his opinion with the world of baseball.

How did you first hear about MLBlogs and why did you join The Show?

I first learned of MLBlogs on www.stlcardinals.com when I saw that Matthew Leach had a blog here. I’m a huge fan of Matthew’s work and I thought since I was hoping to become a sports writer it wouldn’t hurt to get my name out there early on. I talked my mother into letting me spend the five dollars a month to have a blog here, and now that I’m finally here I’m enjoying every moment of it. There is no greater joy in sports writing than to know you are being read.

Favorite blogs of any kind, including at least one in the MLBlogosphere?

I love all blogs focused on the Cardinals or baseball in general, but my favorite has to be Matthew Leach’s "Obviously You’re Not A Golfer". He doesn’t stick just to baseball, so his blog is very well rounded.

What is something not on your About page that MLBloggers should know about you?

I don’t know if it was on there, but I wrote for Albert Pujols’ personal newsletter twice (soon to be three times). I am a junior in high school in a school with only 150 total students. I made a 25 on my ACT as a sophomore, and I plan on attending Mississippi State University after high school.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I have to say it’s being read by so many people. I love the feeling of knowing someone out there is coming back to read your work every day. Nothing is better than that in sports writing.

Your most memorable Major League moment(s):

This is a very easy answer. The date is July 15, 2005. I’m sitting in the old Busch Stadium with my mom. We had nosebleed tickets, but once it reached the 13th inning, people down below started to leave. We found our way about 20 rows up from home plate. In the bottom of the 13th, with the Cardinals down one run to the Houston Astros, David Eckstein walked. In the next at-bat, Jim Edmonds struck out. Finally, in the bottom of the 13th inning, with the Cards down one run, Albert Pujols hit a shot directly to the left-field bullpen. The entire stadium seemed to come off the ground the second you could hear the crack of the bat. I stood up, hoping to catch a glimpse of the ball as it headed out. "Go! GET OUT OF HERE!" I shouted. The left fielder ran up to the bullpen wall and attempted to rob Pujols of the homer. The crowd held their breath for what seemed like two seconds. When the ball landed in the bullpen safely, the noise resembled that of a jumbo jet flying 10 feet over your head, except it lasted about a minute and a half. Everyone started chanting "MVP!" as Pujols rounded the bases, and when he touched home plate he pointed up to God and then to the fans. To show you how much Cardinals fans love their team, I’ll explain that random people were hugging each other and giving high fives. That stadium rocked so loud it could have registered as an earthquake at that moment. While there have been many walk-off homers in the history of baseball, this is the only one I’ve seen in person, and nothing compares to it. Like MLB’s slogan says, I Live For This!

Happiness is…

Watching Albert Pujols hit three home runs in a game, including a walk-off blast in the bottom of the ninth. Happiness is watching my Cardinals play. Happiness is baseball.

Visit Brady at In the Cards and feel free to promote your own MLBlog by emailing us your answers to those Nine Questions so you can be a Spheroid here!


Welcome to the Cardinal blog nation, Brady. Great description of Albert’s walk-off homer – what a moment!




Everyone, feel free to join me in my Game Day Chat at 1:00 Central Time today. Here’s the link:



In the Cards


Hey wow thanks for putting up my Q and A. I appreciate you promoting my blog. Hope everyone enjoys it. I encourage more people to answer these questions, it really shows a lot about the bloggers you might not already know.
Thanks again,


In the Cards


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