A Million Ways

Have you all seen this video, and how long before it will somehow be incorporated into the Major League/Minor League ballpark experience? It’s taking the world by storm, and the funniest part is all of the ordinary people (well, that assumes "OK GO" is extraordinary) practicing it at home for days and then uploading their own video version. Yes, the new dance craze. Would not be surprised to see it coming to a seventh-inning stretch near you. Or on an MLBlogger’s own video.


I love that tune and the video is amazing. I have my XM Radio programmed to alert me whenever it comes on. Sadly, it seldom does.



Wow! No, I hadn’t seen that, or even heard of it. I’m out of the loop when it comes to pop culture. It seems, though, that the dance is pretty complicated. I don’t think I could even memorize all those moves, let alone perform them with any level of grace. Do you really think a whole stadium full of people could swing it? I don’t know. Guess we’ll see. I’m heading back to PETCO in an hour. Thanks for putting me on the homepage.

-The Baseball Collector


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