Weekend in the Sphere

Feedback wanted: So far, we’re just blogging here. Post some text and photos, interact with others through comments, having fun in a collective crowd of others with similar interests and unique opinions. If this became a massive social network drawing from the 2 billion+ annual unique visitors through MLB.com/Club.com, what kind of features/capabilities would you want to see? This is for all of you who have experienced myspace, facebook or other social nets. Blogging (as we’re doing here) would be just one piece of the equation. If anything’s possible, which it generally is at MLBAM, what would you want to see going forward? What does your dream baseball social network look like?

Thanks to our friend Zöe for stopping by the MLB.com studios in Manhattan Friday night to be the MLBlogger of the Week on MLB Radio‘s "Under the Lights" show with Pete McCarthy. You’ll be able to find the archived link on the MLBlogs.com homepage this weekend, and we’ll have the video version available there at the start of the week. Shoot us an email if you’d like to be considered for an upcoming Friday night guest appearance to talk baseball and promote your MLBlog. Next Friday is that Yankees-Red Sox doubleheader at Fenway, and at the end of that day, we’re apt to want someone from that rivalry to babble on the airways if interested.

An OT observation. Saw "World Trade Center" last night, about 10 subway stops from where the Twin Towers and thousands of lives were annihilated by terrorists nearly five years ago. There were people sobbing outloud in the rows behind and in front of me at some of the scenes, and that kind of engulfed the entire experience. Think it’s way too soon for this one, and not even close to the "definitive" movie in case you’re wondering. That might be 10 years away, as people grow up and reflect on all the information/circumstances/world events and more families share their stories of loss. I live here and it’s still eery whenever you come out of the rebuilt subway station inside Ground Zero. Mainly wanted to see the movie because one year ago Oliver Stone was shooting it under the working title of "September", and on my way to the office I walked right into a shoot scene at Chelsea. We were directed to throw our arms up into the air on the sidewalks while emergency rescue trucks whizzed through the intersection. They of course went with a different angle so my Best Supporting Extra On His Way To The Office Oscar will have to wait.

Our friend Matt at Diamondhacks has an interesting view on Baseball Glove Etiquette at the ballpark. Do you agree or disagree? Zack at The Baseball Collector might get a hall pass on this one because we’ve seen his "glove trick" in action and I guess it’s a necessary tool for his trade. I wrote an MLB.com story this summer about an adult A’s fan who brought his glove and caught foul balls on consecutive pitches, and am sure without his glove I wouldn’t have been writing that one.

Still amazed by 2,873 comments on one MLBlog post.

Recently Updated Photo Albums:


Great front page topic on Mauer & hitting catchers! I joined in the fray:



The King’s Game

Lake Travis, Austin


Come read, “Year Of The Catcher”

While Joe Mauer has a great shot at becoming the first AL catcher to ever win a Batting Title, the Braves’ Brian McCann has a pretty good shot at winning the NL title.

See what the odds are of witnessing two catchers win the Batting Title for the first time in major league history!

Do you think it will happen?

Chime in with your opinion at INSIDE PITCH.



I also have a view on Baseball Glove Etiquette. Ready? Here goes:

To each his own.

(Or her own.)

-The Baseball Collector


I just saw the movie today…it was very depressing—but at least it didn’t draw politics into it.
But anyway…thanks for putting my photo album up!



“I live here and it’s still eerie whenever you come out of the rebuilt subway station inside Ground Zero.”

Yeh. Reminds me of Maya Lin’s Vietnam Memorial in that it’s easy not to realize you’re in such a tragic spot – until you’re deep inside.

My wife visits the adjacent WFC three, four times every year on business and was pretty familiar with – and somewhat enured to – the hole and its ramifications.

This June however, when we reached the end of the “E” subway line, saw a solitary newstand abruptly give way to the newly poured concrete and stark fencing(where the tower mall had been), she had to turn her head away from the kids and take a minute to compose herself.

We’ve been at or around the site twenty or so times, but the new end of the E line, “inside” the site, really got to us.

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