Thursday in the Sphere

Please welcome our latest beat writer to join the crowd atMLBlogs: Jordan Bastian. He covers the Blue Jays for us, and you can
read his articles each day and comment at Major League Bastian. There are now eight beat writers with blogs, including Jason Beck (DET), Corey Brock (SEA), Ian Browne (BOS), Mark Feinsand (NYY), Steve Gilbert (AZ), Matthew Leach (STL) and T.R. Sullivan
(TEX). If your favorite team’s beat writer isn’t blogging, you can
always email them on the bottom of their articles and ask them to come

Joy Millam of Angels Mania will be our MLBlogger of the Week at 10:20 p.m. ET Friday on the MLB Radio show "Under the Lights." Get to know Joy, say hi on her MLBlog and listen to her appearance. You can email us if you’d like to be considered for a future Friday appearance in front of a big crowd to talk some baseball and promote your blog. Past MLBloggers of the Week are archived under the Multimedia header on the homepage.

We’re pretty sure Curt Smith is the only MLBlogger who has been part of a White House staff, lauded by Margaret Thatcher and Bob Costas alike. His posts at Voices of the Game are a true privilege to read at MLBlogs and hope you enjoyed his latest ones about the future of MLB’s TV pacts, whether you agree or disagree. Hit him up with those comments!

Whatever happened to…Dave at Mad Dog Reports and World Cup Reports? A fellow MLBlogger asked us and no idea, but missing that presence around here.

We’re enjoying the Mustang Diaries from E-Maj at Baseball Heckler, and be sure to see the trip chronicles of J-Boogie at Baseball & The Boogie Down Bronx. Thanks for the heads-up from Thomas at ‘Stros Bro — we’ll be looking for the rainbow jerseys today.

Gotta see Zack-with-a-k’s latest post at The Baseball Collector. A Yankee fan told him he’s made his life miserable because his 12-year-old son is now "obsessed" with snagging baseballs. Ah, the raw power of the MLBlogosphere! Zack’s now 129 balls away from the 3,000 club and certain immortality in Cooperstown, though we’d have to ask Dale Petroskey first.


Hey cool stuff and great blogs all around.


Has anyone heard from Red Sox Chick? Hopefully the lack of blogging isn’t a bad sign with her mother.

Thanks for noting the proper spelling of my name. Now there’s NO excuse for anyone to mess it up.


-The Baseball Collector

Thanks for the advertisement as always Mark! It’s crazy how much the MLBlogs have grown even since I joined in March. I can remember making a post and it staying on the recently updated blogs section for hours, even days.. now when I post I’m lucky to have it up there for an hour.

I’d be interested to see a chart to show the rate of increase over the last year!

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