An MLBlogs Primer

There was a rush on MLBlogs signups right before the Trade Deadline, so here’s a special welcome to everyone who just called themselves up to The Show here. While everyone is still mostly blogging about trade fallout — including Carl the Cabbie, who even gives you a New York City taxi driver’s view on Duaner Sanchez’s cab injury — here are some of the basics worth going over again:

MLBlogs is an official affiliate of . . with unofficial opinions. It’s your game here, and it’s a great mix of personalities and opinions from women and men who make it feel just like a ballpark crowd — only with all teams represented. There are regulars who post here around the clock, sort of like full season-ticket holders, and there are folks who post once in a while, sort of like single-game ticket buyers. There are bloggers all around the world, from Croatia to Cali, from Idaho to England. There are players like David Wright and Nate Robertson, legends like Brooks Robinson and Tommy Lasorda (who saved the first-ever MLBlog post), personalities galore, big-selling book authors like Curt Smith and Zoe Rice and the occasional groundskeeper, mascot, bullpen baker and broadcaster. Everyone can be Oscar Madison. Again, we link this blogging community from and all 30 club homepages, a gateway to 2-billion-plus unique visitors per year. You make the friends that follow, and our desire is to get you as many visitors as possible.

MLBlogs is NOT a moderated community like Fan Forum message boards. The moderators are the bloggers themselves, and individual bloggers reserve the right to delete any comments on their blogs that they consider inappropriate. Just go to Weblogs–>Edit Posts–>Edit Comments. Trolls are rare around here mainly because you have to be registered at to leave comments, but bloggers can zap them at will or comment here with any issues and we can lend a hand if necessary.

Any new MLBloggers like this weekend’s barrage are added to the Rookies section of the homepage as well as the page that lets you browse the MLBlogs Active Roster by team/MLB template. Rookies are typically then manually added to that blue MLBlogs Active Roster panel on the MLBlogs homepage once they cycle off the 12-line Rookies list. Sometimes sooner, but that’s not automated so that’s the standard op here at least for now.

Our goal with the "mediawall" on the MLBlogs front page is to showcase as many MLBloggers as we can on a dynamic basis, mixing in MLB personalities with fans and typically tying the 466×200-pixel panel display with something topical in baseball. If you have basic Photoshop skillz, feel free to email us a jpeg that somehow showcases your blog and we will consider using it in that space.

We try to shuffle the list of MLBlogs in that blue panel as often as we can. It’s getting harder as this place grows, but feel free to comment here if you ever get the feeling that your blog is way down on the list too often. Any help is always appreciated. Stale or lapsed blogs get commented out in our code for that panel, then they are returned to view when/if the blogger comes back.

Six Apart currently hosts all MLBlogs, and we jointly provide you a customized Typepad software. There are three updated logos per template, exclusive to MLBlogs users. Official marks and logos are illegal to use digitally outside of MLB Advanced Media properties. Six Apart also provides Help Ticket functionality for support within the Typepad software. There’s also a Help area. If there are additional features you would like to see, please comment here anytime.

There is an MLBlogger of the Week every Friday night at 10:20 ET on our long-running MLB Radio show "Under the Lights." The latest was Jake at Bucco Blog. You can click the drop-down menu under the Multimedia header on the MLBlogs homepage and listen to any past guest appearances. If you would like to be on the air for an upcoming Friday, please email us and that goes to the show’s producer for consideration. It’s a chance to talk some baseball and promote your MLBlog live in front of a large audience. You’ll be hooked up by phone, and if you’re in the NYC area it might mean some studio time in our Chelsea HQ at

Another way to promote your MLBlog is to email us your responses to the Nine Questions that have been asked of previous Spheroids on this community blog. We’ll send them your way. Cardinal Girl was the latest. We are looking for some submissions right now.

Most MLBloggers post their MLBlog’s URL at the bottom of any comment they leave on other people’s blogs. The more you reach out and comment, the more people will find you. Spread the word around the general blogosphere as well so your friends can provide inbound links to you. There are lots of examples of MLBloggers being featured in newspapers or other websites, so turn yourself into a new-age media personality right here.

Popular questions:

  • Is there a maximum filesize storage allowance for my MLBlog? No. Unlimited, according to the general manager of Typepad.
  • How do I find a post by someone from more than 10 months ago, since the Archives category listings only show a maximum of 10 months? Just click on the large title at the top of any individual’s MLBlog, and then add archives.html to the end of that URL. It will show every month since the person created the MLBlog. For example, here’s what Zack’s looks like at The Baseball Collector.
  • I started a Photo Album, but where is it on my blog? Always be sure to select any features of your MLBlog by going to Weblogs–>Edit Design–>Content, and then Save. Then click "Order" and position the side panel items as you wish. Give your Photo Album a nice introductory page and occasionally we show Recently Updated Photo Albums.
  • Why did my text show up in strange fonts after I posted and saved? Never copy HTML text from a webpage directly into your text field when you are composing a post. Copy into Notepad, which strips it to ASCII text, and then copy-and-paste from there to your text field. You’ll be glad you did.
  • I hit the Back button on my browser and just lost everything I wrote. What happened? Welcome to everyone’s nightmare. It happens to most people sooner or later. It will zap your text. And if you do what I JUST DID and accidentally pull your cable out of a modem while near the end of a long post, then same thing happens. Fortunately, I had been saving a copy of this in Notepad as I went along; it just means I had to re-link within the post. Remember that you always can Save any post as a Draft rather than Publish Now, if you wish. If it’s a long post, you might even want to write it in Word and frequently save.

One of the best things you can do as a new MLBlogger is post often. Each time you Save a new post, it will show up in the automated Recently Updated Weblogs feed that appears on the MLBlogs homepage and on most bloggers’ side panels. If you are liveblogging a game, it is OK to keep changing the Publication Date/Time beneath your text field and keep saving…thus keeping it at the top of that RUW list.

So welcome to everyone who has just joined The Show. Tell other bloggers you know why they should blog here, even if it is to drive more people to one of their existing blogs, which happens often. Make a lot of new friends around the MLBlogs community and leave comments here anytime. Your opinion means a lot…obviously.



Come to Inside Pitch to read about Chase Utley’s odds of catching Joltin Joe and his amazing 56-game hitting streak.

Carl The Cabbie

Great point, Kellia.

Remember that you always can Save any post as a Draft rather than Publish Now, if you wish. If it’s a long post, you might even want to write it in Word and frequently save.

I strongly recommend both techniques. These days I am saving my game summaries as drafts and I have generally written my long posts, and I write a lot of long ones, as Word docs first.

Be warned however, that formating from Word does not carry over well into Typepad. Write your basic post in word, copy it to Typepad, and THEN add Bold, Underline, Italics, Links, etc.


Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes

Hey! That’s pretty cool about adding “archives.html” at the end. I never realized that could be done. Thanks. And WELCOME to all the new folks! I’m excited to see MLBlogs continue to grow…

-The Baseball Collector

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