FYI for Detroit Tigers bloggers (or anyone else who may need/care to know): The URL of detroittigers.com is now being changed to Tigers.com. It’s something that fans of baseball’s best team in the standings will surely notice, and it’s actually quite an undertaking in many respects, if not necessarily at MLBlogs. Several links have been changed on Nate Robertson and Jason Beck blogs.


Hello fellow bloggers! I would just like to make a few comments on Detroit Tigers Managers Jim Leyland. Can someone please explain to me why he doesn’t play small ball when the game is at stake. Please answer me. Helppp…
PTFO real baseball fan. Also, is Marcus Thames in his doghouse on what? How do you put a minor league player, Don Kelly in front of Thames, someone please explain again. Now LMAO! The Tigers are a joke! Go Yankees….

holla back


I’ve been innundated with requests from guests at our upcoming reception for our baby daughter’s christening…

to get into the sold-out game of Sat. Aug. 19 vs. Texas!

I need to accumulate up to sixteen tickets! Got tickets?

Let’s make a deal! GO TIGERS!

That’s right, but it just won’t be marketed as such anymore.

FYI, DetroitTigers.com still will work as a URL. I wonder how much the Tigers had to pay the previous owner of Tigers.com to secure the domain. Yikes



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