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Six Apart is scheduled to perform system maintenance on the database server that hosts, from approximately 8-9 p.m. ET on Saturday. During this time, Six Apart will be updating the firmware of the disk controller on that database server. The general manager of Typepad said they do not expect to be down during the entire hour-long window, but if you experience any outages at this time, then this is the reason and thank you for your patience during the maintenance.

OTHER UPDATES: Have been out all week, so apologies to any MLBlogs rookies not added yet to the master MLBlogs Active Roster. Those additions are still manual for now in our publishing system, so will catch up with you all today. (The "Rookies" section is always updated, though.) All new MLBloggers have been added to the MLBlogs Active Roster browse-by-team page. Great to see all of the newcomers and the different personalities. . . . Thanks to our friend Jake at Bucco Blog for being our MLBlogger of the Week Friday night on MLB Radio‘s "Under the Lights" show. There are two ways you can listen to the replay of his appearance. Either look at his post about it, or you can always click the drop-down and listen to previous guests under the Multimedia header on the homepage. . . . Good to see from comments on previous post here that our friend Arielle is back safe from Israel. . . . Highlight of the week was last night and taking family to their first trip to Yankee Stadium. Five seats behind home plate to watch Wang spin a two-hit complete-game shutout, and universal applause for A-Rod throughout. As it should be for a home team and its crowd, wherever that may be. It also was a chance to just really appreciate Derek Jeter for one night. The little things that he does, which don’t show up in a box score, are truly characteristic of a future Hall of Famer. In the first inning, he made a dazzling play up the middle to end an inning, and then in the bottom of the inning he grounded a ball to the right side to move Johnny Damon to third, leading to the first (and winning) run. . . . Carlos Lee trade: Huge. Catching up on that one, too. Someone tell me who’s closing for the Rangers while I catch up…


I’m glad to hear that A-Rod got some love. I’ve loved him since 1995, and I can’t stand the people who are always on his case. He’s gonna hit 30+ homers and drive in 110 runs, and yet it’ll be a “bad” year. Amazing.

-The Baseball Collector

Thanks for reminding me, mind blip. As for your question, you should leave a comment on Tom Singer’s blog at Thanks again.



Texas’ closer is Akinori Otsuka, as it has been for awhile…he made Cordero expendable (I guess).

When are the Pirates going to make some moves? The Bucs showed the Giants last night exactly what our bullpen can do…


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