On vacation

Have fun blogging and back next week. At the rate we’ve been going, the Twins will be the team to beat in baseball by the time I get back. One look at the League Leaders page on mlb.com’s main stats page and it’s easy to see why. Twins everywhere. Good luck to your own teams this week.



Jimmy, you’re added to the Browse by Team page. Have fun blogging.

I just created a blog for the Dodgers, if theres any way you can add it to the list, it would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Mark!
You missed me coming back from Israel. Apparently, people were concerned about me with the war and all, but not to worry. I am perfectly fine and dying to go back. I’ll get a photo album up soon.



Have a great vacation, Mark!


Here’s the email I got from 5 apart this morning.

Hi Kellia,

We apologize but our scope of work is to help with

technical issues and this is a bit more than a technical

issue, this is a programming issue at this point. In this

case, the code is provided by MLB and not us. You may want

to contact MLB and let them know that their code caused a

problem on your site and they may be able to help resolve


I hope that helps. Please let us know if you have any other



What I had done was to copy the NL West standings from the MLB.com front page to my blog. It was working fine for a while, then suddenly it stopped working and I kept getting an error message. I dod not change the code. In fact, the error message talks about “currentClub” and I don’t even see that in the code.

Anyway, I opened a help; ticket at Mark’s suggestion, but now the 6 Apart people are lobbing it back to MLB.

I don’t know what is up. I just know that I am not a programmer and this is taking than it’s worth, so please don’t ask me any more questions about where I got the code, can I re-create it, etc.

I have noticed a similar problem developed with the AL East standings on MadDog’s site.


Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes


Go TWINS. In fact I have engaged in a fantastic BLOG BATTLE with several White Slobs fans and the ranting is too good. They know their team is going to CHOKE, and that hte little Minny Engine That Could is about to overtake them permanently. Check it out:


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