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There is an important distinction to note between MLBlogs and our Fan Forum Message Boards that we operate at First, is an "official affiliate" of with "unofficial opinions." Fan Forum Message Boards are a part of our site and 30 club sites.

Secondly, the MLBlogs Typepad software allows comments, which imply that you are leaving a comment for the person doing the posting on her/his (paid) space. These are not moderated by anyone other than the person who owns the blog and has the delete-comment capability to zap at will. I will manage any comments on this blog you are reading, but I’m not a moderator for your blog. You are. Fan Forum Message Boards topics are for thousands and thousands of threads in which multitudes converse and our moderators watch closely for obvious reason.

This is worth noting now after an MLBlog commenter complained this week about being consistently harassed by another individual; both are among those who comment on what is presently by far the highest-comment-volume MLBlog. Intervention was required in that case, and in (very) extreme cases we may, after a warning, terminate a person’s registration, which is required to be able to comment on MLBlogs. That rarely ever happens. But it needs to be reinforced here that MLBlogs are not Fan Forum Message Boards, especially to those who don’t have MLBlogs and who bounce back and forth from both and might not appreciate the distinction.

Yes, "communities" within comments can form in a wonderful way, such as the case with White Sox VP/Communications Scott Reifert holding a special outing at U.S. Cellular Field for his commenters who signed up to attend. But the larger comment crowds grow, the more reason a blogger might have to take control. Just as a procedural matter, it might be helpful if you have a large comment crowd to remind people that it’s your blog and you’re the moderator, and you don’t have to ask anyone whether you want to delete comments. And if you’re commenting on someone’s blog, you are leaving a comment that the blogger will decide whether to keep or remove.

So to recap: Fan Forum Message Boards are moderated. The only MLBlogs moderators are MLBloggers. Tell your peeps if you blog and have a ton of comments. OK?

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The seventh one on that list is from another new MLBlogger. Please welcome Chris Shuttlesworth, who is now blogging at Welcome to Third and King.
She is an original MLBAMmer here, and as an editorial producer
based in SF has been responsible for making the Giants’ club site what
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officially ended the dearth of Giants blogs; top SF prospect Kevin Frandsen started one last week, too.

Welcome to another new MLBlogger, and this one requires a clarification for you:

Lets Go Mets Go

First one to add an apostrophe after the third letter wins. Not sure what they win, but maybe Zoe will kick in a book since her hot 2006 novel just went into second printing.

Does Edward at DC Daily have the best blog headlines? Maybe.

Was going to list all of the MLBlogs addressing A-Rod but there were too many to count…you can find them.

Happy blogging, and a reminder to please email us your responses to those Nine Questions if you’d like to be one of our featured Spheroids here. There are none currently on the docket and if you were missed among the daily Yahoo! spam please re-send/update. Thanks.



I’m a regular on Bleeding Pinstripes, and I’ve opened up a blog, entitled Survival Guide For All Yankee Fans In Boston. PLease have somebody at MLB blogs list this blog, so others can see it. Also, I’m a real novice, and the owner of Bleeding Pinstripes has asked me to include my blog’s link, so he can post it there. How do I do that? (please laugh later, OK?). Thanks

Bill Rasmussen

AKA Ras #45

I have found that many more people email questions… more than they post comments. Probably 5 or more per week.

I think people do not want to post a potentially silly question…kind of a guy asking for directions thing. Keep blogging!

ATTN: Eric Byrnes Fans

If you would like to encourage FSN Arizona to put their “In My Own Words” program featuring Eric Byrnes online so that people outside the FSN Arizona viewing area can see it, please go to:

for more information on how you can easily do this.


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Ha! Thanks for the shoutout!

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