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More proof that Yankee fans are everywhere >

If your team is not on the following list, it had better have great pitching. And if your team is on this list and it has dominant pitching, then your parade may be awaiting.

1. Chicago-AL   542
2. New York-AL  520
3. Cleveland    516
4. Boston       514
5. New York-NL  510
6. Atlanta      508

Just wanted to say that my colleague Tom Singer’s Trade Deadline Reality Check blog is really good.

Noticed that the AZ Snakepit blog posted an entry about AZ MLBlogs.

Greetings to Hank’s Homies. That’s Hank Blalock’s official fan club crew.

Our friend John Nemo over at The King’s Game is the MLBlogger of the Week at 10:20 ET tonight on MLB Radio’s "Under the Lights." Please tune in unless you’re on a date or something, and even then feel free to email the show in advance and give your thoughts about whether the ridiculously hot Twins — now only FOUR games back in the AL Wild Card picture — are going to shock the world this half and keep winning all the way toward a title. They have the best 1-2 starters in the game now.

MLBlogs are versatile. The new Congratulations Card blog for Michael Young is now a graphic on the homepage of the Texas Rangers’ site. We used an MLBlog as a "fan guestbook" for the White Sox and Astros last October and it was an emormously popular way for fans of those teams to express congratulations on something that the players then would see in the clubhouse. It was also obvious why the new MLBlog started last week by MLB Envoy Bill Percy is better than us posting as an MLB.com article template…we see that his Croatian players have even found it and are commenting. Blogs can be used for a lot of purposes.

Happy blogging…


ATTN: D’Backs fans,
I have a new poll for you on my site.


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Wow. A random insult aimed at Red Sox fans on that new Yankees blog, yet Red Sox fans haven’t converged in the comments section. Go figure. 😉

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