Blogging about Bloggers

Thanks to our friend Jake at Bucco Blog for passing along the new Pew Internet & American Life  Project research findings, which was also highlighted on today. Lots of interesting data about blogging you should know. For example:

  • 8% of Internet users age 18+ (or about 12 million American adults) are bloggers
  • 39% of Internet users age 18+ (57 million) read blogs
  • 19% of Internet users age 12-17 blog and 38 percent of online teens read blogs
  • Bloggers are evenly divided among genders (reflected here at MLBlogs)
  • More than half (57%) of bloggers are under age 30
  • 14% of bloggers are in age 50-64 group and 2% (not my parents) are 65+
  • While 74% of Internet users are white, it’s 60% for blogging (Hispanic biggest jump)
  • Bloggers are 51% suburban, 36% urban, 13% rural (urban biggest jump)
  • 8 of every 10 bloggers have broadband
  • 95% of bloggers get their news online (almost exclusively for me)
  • 47% of bloggers get news from blogs
  • 78% of bloggers send/receive IMs; 38% of all Internet users do
  • 78% of bloggers used a digital camera in previous month

When asked, "What does your blog mean to you?" the largest group of bloggers (44%) replied that their blog is "something I do, but not something I spend a lot of time on." Only 13 percent of bloggers reported updating their blogs every day — MLBlogs easily exceeds that.

One question missing in the research was: How many blogs do you maintain? I’d like to know that one. There are a lot of people who can’t get enough blogs. Lots of people here who blogs in lots of places. Here, myspace, facebook, wherever.

Around MLB and the ‘Sphere

Welcome Kevin Frandsen to the MLBlogosphere. He’s been up with the Giants’ parent club, back in Triple-A for now, probably will be back up again soon. Nice insight on his new blog Frannie on the Farm, feel free to welcome him to this Show. Thought it would be unfair to put him in the "Rookies" area of the homepage since that would make him a rookie twice.

One of your best fellow bloggers wears a big furry mascot uniform.

We’ve got a bunch of plans for that 466-pixel promo space on the homepage but always invite you all to make suggestions here. It’s your party.

Not sure if we jinxed Nate Robertson. His Gum Time blog was launched the day he won his last game to go 8-3, and he’s 0-3 since then in July.

For anyone new here since this was last pointed out: If you want to see ALL posts for any MLBlogger, just click on the title at the top of their blog and then add /archives.html to the end of that URL. It will show archives from every month. The Typepad side panel only allows a max of 10 previous months to appear as "Archives." And also for any recent MLBlogs Active Roster call-ups, there is no storage limit here so ignore anything that might tell you that you are approaching a max limit.

If you’ve been away from your MLBlog for a while and see that it’s not in the blue Active Roster panel on or in the Browse by Team choices, please leave a comment here to let us know you’re back. It will make it easier to add you back, as we generally comment out stale blogs in our code.

Have fun blogging. You are most definitely part of the in crowd.


Delayed reply…

This is the first and only blog I’ve ever had.

-The Baseball Collector

It never occurred to me to update my blog every day until I started getting emails from people asking me why I WASN’T updating every day.

That’s when I discovered I had an ‘audience’ and I needed to be more responsible to that.

I maintain two baseball blogs (mine here at MLBlogs and one on Blogger with a group of friends) and I have a personal blog. The other two blogs suffer because of the updating I do on my MLBlogs. 🙂

I spend A LOT (maybe too much!) time maintaining and thinking about my MLBLog!

Curious who the best pitcher in baseball is (cough, Liriano, cough)?

I break it down statistically in my blog.

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