Weekend in the Sphere

A couple of dress-up features for your computer:

– See Michael’s post on Some Ballyard with tips about how to make your MLBlog text look better. You can also check out Armchair Angel and Opening Up a Can of Corn as examples of nice readability.

– Am happy to plug our new MLB.com Toolbar here. It’s clean and puts MLB features that most people like right at the top of your browser. Download it, and it’s easy to remove if you decide you don’t want to lose a little extra space at the top. Well worth a test drive.

Let’s hope Arielle of Red Sox Teen Nation and her family are OK if she’s still on that long trip to Israel…anyone know? Obviously not a pretty scene over there. In the meantime, maybe you’ve noticed that her Comments thread while away is zooming toward four figures.

Happy one-year anniversary to our friend at Willie Ball and his better half.

If anyone ever has a great random baseball-related shot that is 466 pixels wide by 200 tall, feel free to email us with it as a way to help showcase our "weekend sampler" of blogs. Am going to replace the Melky shot and looking for something general, maybe a fan collage photo, etc. May or may not be used but the more interactive this can be the better.

O.T.: Come on, Barbaro. Never pulled harder for a racehorse.

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I sent an email to Arielle.

I told her everyone is concerned for her safety at MLBlogs.com. I know she’s been checking email once in awhile.

Any updates, I’ll let everyone know.



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