Friday in the Sphere

Amazing, exclusive insight from Inside the White Sox about Tuesday’s All-Star Game. Sox VP Scott Reifert sat on the AL bench so he could call the press box each time there was a lineup change, and Scott just blogged about what is said behind the scenes. Remarkable stuff that makes you really appreciate the blogosphere even more.

I even learned a new baseball colloquialism from that post. Just say "oppo" the next time a batter hits to the opposite field. "Vladdy went oppo on that one." Love it.

The big question tonight was whether there’s room for another W on the title of Scott’s blog, or whether it will blow up the Typepad app, and what it might do to the Recently Updated Weblogs display. Jose Contreras goes for his 18th consecutive winning decision tonight in the Bronx, so keep an eye out. If he loses, I help Scott lose the extra W’s. Updated 10:10 pm ET Friday: It’s over.

A whole slew of new MLBlogs just showed up in the admin tool and all are awaiting their first posts…second-half callups to The Show. And here’s one that just showed up: 2names Twins Chatter.

Don’t be surprised to see some big changes around here in the very near future. Great teams keep refining and make blockbuster moves. I’m just sayin’.

After a Friday night off because of All-Star programming, MLBlogger of the Week returns to MLB Radio‘s "Under the Lights" show at 10:20 ET tonight. Pete McCarthy’s guest this time will be John of Wrightoholics, so be sure to tune in. You can then find his replay link along with other past MLBloggers of the Week in the drop-down under the Multimedia heading on Email us if you’d like to be an MLBlogger of the Week on a future Friday, and such requests get forwarded right down the hallway here to our show producer.

It was nice to hook up this week in Pittsburgh with writers who have MLBlogs, including Steve Gilbert, T.R. Sullivan, Ian Browne, Mark Feinsand and Jesse Sanchez. And add my buddy Tom Singer to the list, now that the regional writer has assumed 2006 responsibilities for our Trade Deadline Reality Check blog. Great opportunity to leave comments and communicate with a real connected insider and long, longtime baseball writer. Ask him what he thought of old Forbes Field and tell him you want him to keep blogging after the trade deadline😉

Very curious to see which baseball players win ESPYs Sunday night. Pujols is one of the candidates to end Lance Armstrong’s run of three consecutive Best Male Athlete ESPYs. David Wright (August 2005 barehanded grab) and Aaron Rowand (2006 nose-busting catch) are among the choices for Best Play. Another good MLBlog post subject…’s Cardinals beat writer Matthew Leach writes in Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer that he doesn’t know what the Reds were thinking with their Nats trade, and he doesn’t love the Astros’ move for Aubrey Huff. Prince of New York called the Reds out for that one, too.

I really like the way Sheed’s blog looks. He should leave some posting tips here. Much more aesthetically pleasing than this blog’s typeface. Think I’ll go scope out his Edit HTML tags and change the look and feel here…

And for the record, it took 24 hours to get from PIT airport to NYC this week. Almost decided to just drive to PIT and in retrospect should have done that. So I spent about 10-11 hours Wednesday night at PIT airport and left Best Second Half Wishes comments on every MLBlog (hope I didn’t miss anyone). Flightmares (* I just coined that) are good for blogging but bad for traveling.


Joe — Sheed’s text is 12-pt Georgia.

My article about why Eric Byrnes should be traded to the Giants is up. It’s at if anyone is interested. Be warned, it’s long.

BTW, I don’t get the Reds trading Kearns either, but it had been talked about.


Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes


On Sheed’s blog — is that font Garamond at 12pt?


P.S. Best wishes for a second-half also.

Very helpful, thanks. Just emailed Geoff (our former intern) from Opening Up a Can of Corn at Looked in the admin tool at his post style and there’s no code in Edit Config or Typelists, and I assume he doesn’t go into Edit HTML for every post, so waiting to see how he did it without affecting the rest of the page (blog title at top and side panel).

Well sort of. Put html brackets around the style tags, a “less than” bracket before the !– and a “greater than” after the —

Or let me see if this works:

Argh! The browser consumed it. Let me try something else:



P {font-size: 14pt}

A {color: orange; font-size: 18pt}



Mark, I’ll save you a little time. If you’ll place something like this in your HTML code, you can style it up:

I don’t remember if it needs to be at the top, but that is, of course, a logical place to put it. The example formats the Paragraph (P) and Anchor (A) elements, which are probably the only ones you are interested in. You can find a complete list of attributes and possible values at

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

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