77th All-Star Game

Greetings again from PNC Park.

What a day.

Worked the Red Carpet Preview Show, which drew more than 40,000 fans to the red-carpeted route over the Roberto Clemente Bridge for 60+ Chevy Avalanches containing players, managers, families and one Franco Harris. And most poignant of all was the first truck — the Roberto Clemente family, as grand marshal. Going over the Roberto Clemente Bridge. It was goosebump stuff. It was a blast. Talked to a lot of fans who traveled far to be here and they loved it. Definitely a new tradition. That story will be on MLB.com momentarily…

Most of today was spent following up the news I broke last night on MLB.com about the new television deal with MLB. That story is on the homepage now, reflecting all of the extension/changes. Lots of interesting components that I assume people will be blogging about here, such as World Series games now starting on the Tuesday following completion of the LCS, Turner carrying Division Series, etc.

Oh, the first thing I did this morning after 3 1/2 hours sleep was write a story for MLB.com about all the incredible contests we’ve had on the site. The Scoreboard Challenge is now closed, but you can still enter the Dress Like A Pro Sweepstakes, which gives a customized ASG jersey to someone at each club sites, as well as the Home Depot sweeps that will send someone and a friend to a game in the World Series. One of the fun things about my job is talking to the people who actually win these things, and seeing the pure joy as they soak up their prizes like an ASG trip. Enter!

Tonight I’ll be tracking Pujols/Rolen/Carpenter in the game, as we divvy up responsibilities to write about each team’s representatives.

Have known Joe Buck a long time and congratulated him on more job security. He was his usual self, always the sense of humor. Loved the keys-to-the-Porsche comment as we stood by the batting cage. And one word about an All-Star batting cage. There is nothing better than watching this kind of gathering take their hacks in the cage. There isn’t one person who steps into the cage that you don’t just truly appreciate. It was also fun watching them take their team pictures out in center field…am always amazed how they get them to follow instructions.

More to come, am just between stories and was able to catch a breath, and now I want to go catch a Super Dog and a drink. Beats the box lunch they serve in the media area, though there’s nothing to complain about here. It’s the All-Star Game. It’s under way.

Hope everyone’s having fun blogging…



A lot of people had that reaction. But it went away quickly when he was ready to steal third base yet again. ASG MVP criteria seems to be shifting…Young made a nice play in the field, but if it’s a close game and someone has The One Big Hit, that seems to be the clincher now.

Yup, Beltran deserved it. But boy did my heart skip a beat when it looked like he may have hurt himself speeding to first.


I didn’t actually see the ballot…thought Beltran had MVP in the bag. Amazing, he was the first to play nine innings in this game since 1997 when Junior and Lankford each did it. Might have been Mets 1-2 in the vote if not for ****’s Bells breakdown…

Ha! I dunno, Mark. What’s with this having to *scroll down* to find David Wright’s name on the All Star MVP ballot?

David? Is not scroll-downable. He’s first on the listable.


Start voting for the MVP at MLB.com now! It started with the sixth inning. You all have a 20-percent say in tonight’s vote. I think I know who Zoe is leaning toward.

I wanna dress like a pro! I wanna super dog!

I wanna kiss david wright’s forehead and let him know how proud we all are!


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