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It was a busy week with the Final Vote and am off to Pittsburgh in the morning for a *********-free four days of working the ASG. I was just looking at the Red Sox club’s daily notes and here’s a scary thought that I didn’t realize: By the ASG break, Boston will have played 49 games on the road and just 37 at home. That means they will have 44 games at Fenway and just 37 on the road in the second half. The Red Sox are 81-37 (.686) at Fenway Park since the start of last season, by far the best home record in the Majors. Those infamous "June swoon" days of the past are long gone and that factoid above would seem to bode pretty well for RS Nation. Also noticed that no Red Sox player ever hit more homers by the ASG than Large Pappage, and it’s scary to think that he might wind up with something in the neighborhood of a 60-homer, 180-RBI season. This should be an entertaining weekend series in Chicago between the last two Drought-Busting World Champions.

So, based on what you know now, who do you see in this year’s World Series? It is seeming unlikelier and unlikelier that the two longest active world-championship droughts (Cubs/Pleistocene and Indians/1948) will follow the recent trend. And, of course, some clubs still have yet to win it all. Who knows, maybe after the first time since 1918 and the first time since 1917, it could be a first time since 1918 again — which was the last time the Red Sox won it all after a one-year wait. We’re halfway home and a lot of teams will have a say again when September rolls around. What if a club like Colorado regains its April form and finishes the year like it started it, expectation-free?

Am also looking forward to one week from today: Contreras at Yankee Stadium, first meeting of the season between Bombers and White Sox.

Meanwhile in the MLBlogosphere…

Welcome to a bunch of rookies who have been called up to The Show. Arizona By Night is the newest MLBlog, and our latest blogger from the UK. Rafael, known to fellow MLBloggers for The Space Race, notes that his Astros comrade Jorge Ascencio has been blogging regularlly at AstrosNotas and needs to be added to the MLBlogs Active Roster, so we’re on it. There’s a new A’s blog called got green?, and that blogger was influenced to join The Show after reading Dan Haren’s MLBlog. Keep an eye out because a little birdie says the best Haren’s Heat post is coming very shortly. And speaking of player blogs, make sure you check out David Wright’s latest post. The Mets’ third baseman will be blogging from his first All-Star Game as well.

Thought it was really interesting that the two Monster 2006 All-Star Final Vote winners were on teams that have the most actively maintained front office MLBlogs. That might not have pushed A.J. Pierzynski and Nomar Garciaparra over the hump, but you know it made a difference as those grassroots campaigns become a bigger and bigger part of the Final Vote each year. And you may also have noticed that this week another "W" was added to the headline on top of White Sox VP/Communications Scott Reifert’s Inside the White Sox blog. Will see on Sunday whether Mr. Contreras can provide cause to make it 18 W’s in the title. It was messing up the blue MLBlogs Active Roster panel on the MLBlogs homepage when I tried to keep up with Scott, but it will be interesting to see what happens if there are too many characters for one line of a headline on the Typepad page and in Recently Updated Weblogs.

There will be no MLBlogger of the Week tonight on MLB Radio’s "Under the Lights" show. We’re taking a break from that for a week because of All-Star programming. And if you happen to be at the All-Star festivities at FanFest, make sure to stop by our MLB Radio booth.

Announcement: It’s time to mix up the Nine Questions for Spheroids. If you want any different ones asked that we’ve used the first half of this season, feel free to comment with them here and I can update this. Here are your questions if you would like to email us your responses and be featured as an upcoming Spheroid:

1. What are the best reasons that other baseball fans should visit your MLBlog?
2. If your MLBlog were any baseball player past or present, who would he be and why?
3. How did you first hear about MLBlogs and why did you join The Show?
4. Favorite blogs of any kind, including at least one in the MLBlogosphere?
5. What was your most memorable post and why?
6. What is something not on your About page that MLBloggers should know about you?
7. Everyone’s talking about "Web 2.0." What is your vision for baseball and fan content/interaction?
8. What does baseball mean to you?
9. Happiness is…


Have a great time in Pittsburgh, Mark! I hope it truly is *********-free!

Thought you’d get a kick out of the fact that my mother is a big MLBlogs fan – not just my blog. She goes to the front page every day and reads all the updated blogs, pretty much regardless of which team they represent – she also has a few regulars that she visits every day and she LOVES Danny Haren’s and David Wright’s blogs.

She credits you with the way you have the place organized for MLBlogs being so easy to maneuver around!

Well, if Dan Haren can do it…

Tahiti, Bora Bora or Bahamas…now THAT’S rubbing it in!

Anyone else going to be around PNC or the Fanfest? Comment here and say hi.


” am off to Pittsburgh in the morning for a *********-free four days of working the ASG.”

It’s not polite to brag! ;=)


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