And the Final Vote winners are…

Nomar Garciaparra of the Dodgers in the National League.

A.J. Pierzynski of the White Sox in the American League, holding off tremendous last-day charge by rookie Francisco Liriano of the Twins.

Now it’s official. You can read my story at for more details. Thanks for voting, everyone! Now get ready to vote for the ASG MVP on July 11…



Alex, those are technically irreversible when people start an MLBlog. But tell me what you want it to be instead and I can see if Six Apart has the capability to make the change this one time…not sure but willing to try.


Hello. I have a quick question. The current address of my blog is Is there a way I can change this to something else?



Love the final standings, Tiffany — everyone should check those out!


You’re absolutely right. Any non partisan analysis of the facts would put Hafner on the team.

MLB’s selection process, however, is designed to generate income for MLB thru goofy gimmicks, not to identify and reward the most deserving players.

That’s YOUR job. You, and the eleven million judicious residents of Chicago😉

codyd22 — well, that’s why we gave everyone 94 hours to let the power of the people decide. You start with all of the evidence, as we presented, and then it’s up to the world of fans to choose one of five candidates per league. They chose AJ and a rookie pitcher finished second. The people have spoken!


Hafner has better stats than A.J

A few bloggers took part in a “Best Baseball Movie Ever” vote awhile back on my blog and I just posted the results, if anyone’s interested. And, of course you can still vote, if you would like!




I agree w/ your points, except this one:

” Papi’s offensive numbers are definitely all-star worthy.”

Is he one of the ALs top 32 hitters? Sure. Are there All Stars who dont hit as well?Yes.

But if All Stars were selected regardless of position, we’d end up with 7 first basemen and no shortstop(just an example).

How many guys should one realistically take from the DH logjam over at first? I think Hafner, Thome and Giambi should all go before Papi( well, at least before tonight-what’s he got, eleven RBIs?). Even Konerko compares favorably. To be honest, I’d rather the AL take four or five catchers this year than 4 or 5 DH/1Bs.

Matt, you don’t have to sell me. I didn’t vote for Papi for first base (although I did write in Kevin Youkilis!)…Mark Loretta won more to keep out Robinson Cano than anything else (I think, anyway).

But, you have to admit, while he hasn’t put a lot of time in at first, Papi’s offensive numbers are definitely all-star worthy.

I’m glad my guys are in there and I think they both are more deserving than Pierzynski.

I also think there are MANY more players, not just catchers, who aren’t there who are more deserving than not only Pierzynski, but other White Sox players.

“It’s a tough sell, at least to me, to suggest that he somehow doesnt belong on the 32 man roster”

Scratch that statement above. Upon further review, it’s not really a tough sell. Mauer, Pudge and RHernandez belong in 1st class & AJ, Martinez(due to his defense), Johjima & Posada are in coach. I didnt realize quite how deep the ALs catchers were this year.

I’ll stick by everything else though😉

I agree that Ozzie has exacerbated the situation and that AJ was not the MOST deserving of the 5 remaining AL candidates, but he is still having an A/S caliber year. It’s a tough sell, at least to me, to suggest that he somehow doesnt belong on the 32 man roster.

The most egregious AL selections this year were in fact, well before today, when David Ortiz and Mark Loretta were voted in as starters. Based on 2006 performance, neither deserves to even be on the roster, let alone start. (Loretta is 3rd best at his position and Large Papi is 4th or 5th at whatever position it is he allegedly plays.)

Ozzie’s favoritism, on top of these ill advised fan votes, resulted in the exclusion of several undeniably worthy candidates (Liriano, Hafner,etc).

Enthusiastic White Sox fans may’ve put the last cosmetic nail in the ASG coffin, but the whole process was DOA long before that.

It’s an absolute shame what Ozzie has done to this ASG – and the White Sox fans just made it that much more laughable by voting Pierzynski in. I’m disgusted and also ashamed of the American League “manager”.

Were it not for the guys on my team who are playing, I’d be rooting for the National League.


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