Spheroid: Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Today’s featured Spheroid is Jen over at Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. Many fellow MLBloggers know her for graciously welcoming newcomers to the MLBlogosphere, squeezing into an MLB.TV telecast in search of an occasional foul ball at the yard, or posting her thoughts constantly about the Oakland A’s. Here are Nine Questions with today’s featured Spheroid:

Why did you sign up for an MLBlog?

I was trying to find a blog that was just for Baseball fans. I didn’t want my blog to be too cutesy or girly. So I did a search for baseball blogs and MLBlogs.com came up. I signed up right away.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Depending on the blog, there is a bond with the people who post and comment. With the MLBlogs, you have that special bond with a baseball fan. Blogging with other baseball fans, you are able to find new friendships. Being part of a baseball blog makes you feel like part of your favorite baseball team as a teammate! It doesn’t get any better then that.

What is your favorite team and why?

The Oakland Athletics is definitely my favorite team and there is no
comparision. I have been an A’s fan since I was 4 years old when my Mom
first took me to a game. There were times when I lost interest but it
didn’t last long. Baseball is where my heart is.

Rickey_1Most memorable Major League moment(s):

My most memorable moments were when Rickey Henderson stole his 939th base.

I was lucky enough to be there for that game and it was the best game I had ever been to. It was great seeing one of my favorite Oakland A’s players steal the base. The other was on October 7, 1989, when the Bay Area was hit by a 7.1 earthquake. It was my first earthquake that I had been through and it happened when the Oakland Athletics were across the Bay about to play the San Francisco Giants at Candlestick Park. Although many lives were lost on this day, it will be a day in history that many will never forget.

Favorite blogs, including at least one MLBlog:

One of my favorites is Dan Haren’s blog. It is always nice to hear what
a Major League player is doing for fun. Other blogs I like to read: Athletics Nation, Elephants in Oakland, Mean in Green and Oakland A’s Days.

What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

When I am not blogging, you can usually find me at the gym working out, walking on the beach, working on my truck or sending care packages/letters to our Men and Women in the Military. The picture here is of my friend Michael in the Air Force Reserves. I write and keep in contact with him and other troops.

Who is your favorite Major League player?

I do not have just one favorite Major League player. How can anyone
have just one? Swisher
It just isn’t humanly possible. Here are my favorite
Major League players: Rickey Henderson, Curt Young and Nick Swisher.

Last item you bought at the MLB.com Shop?

I bought the Oakland Athletics Car Flag. My new 2004 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer is now sporting the Oakland A’s car flag and it makes my truck easily spotted by my friends and family.


Happiness is . . .

Laying on a baseball field looking up at the night sky and seeing a shooting star. Happiness is when I can go to every Oakland Athletics game, whether they are at home or away.

Please join Jen on her MLBlog at Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, and just EMAIL US with your responses to those (or any other) Nine Questions so we can feature your blog as the next Spheroid. Click here to see all previous Spheroids.




Zoe — Well, if you can get Wagner onto the ASG roster as well then ya gotta be pretty happy with that representation. So did you see the fireworks show at Shea? Unfortunately braved the East River/Macy’s show with eleventybillion of my closest cattle herd friends.


Hey, Chad. Forwarded your comment and email address to our person responsible for mlb.com/cards. Thanks.


“I do not have just one favorite Major League player. How can anyone have just one? It just isn’t humanly possible.”

Yes, it is. Though I acknowledge that having a favorite player is not everyone’s cup of tea. The key is the word “favorite,” which means you can admire the attributes of many players, it’s just that you pay particular attention to one. I like several players, like Brandon Webb, David Ortiz, and Barry Zito, but the one I watch for and keep the records on is Eric Byrnes. (Maybe a few people know that).



Mark, you wrote the article on National Baseball Card Day. Do you know why I haven’t received my free pack of cards? I signed up. And how did some people got 100 Packs! How did this happen?

Mark…how are you at cheering a Mets fan up?

I like blogger interviews! Looking forward to more.



Pelfrey to pitch at Shea on Saturday??????


Carl the Cabbie

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