MLBlogs Update

Thomas Vana of Chicago White Sox Fan Message Board…The White Sox Guy will be our MLBlogger of the Week at 10:20 ET tonight on MLB Radio’s "Under the Lights" show. You can find the link to the show on the homepage tonight or go to that MLB Radio page, and later it will be archived along with all of our previous MLBloggers of the Week in the Multimedia section of the homepage. Speaking of that page, this week we added the Browse by Team drop-down above the Rookies…and then we seemed to add a whole lot of Rookies — great news.

I wrote this story about Nate Robertson’s new MLBlog. The Tigers’ left-hander had a great appearance on Stayin’ Hot with Seth Everett and Darryl Hamilton this week, and we found out he likes the original Big League Chew best. Same here. Congrats, by the way, to Seth & Bone for their 500th Stayin’ Hot show on Feel free to leave them comments on their blog, which supports their popular 3-5 pm ET weekday show.

Have a great and long Fourth of July weekend, everyone.


We’re about to find out, Cory!

I just finished up a post with my All-Star picks. I hope tonight’s selection show reveals that everyone’s favorite players will be headed to Pittsburgh next week.

Happy Fourth,

Cory from “A New Pirates Generation”

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