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The deadline to vote for the All-Star startersis 11:59 ET TONIGHT. The last 24 hours in our vote at
is absolute craziness. There will be at least 2.3 million ballots cast
in this finale day if last year is indicative (it’s always more each year),
and there is virtually certain to be a shocking change or two at the
end. Make sure to use up all your 25 allotted votes and blog about your

Nate Robertson’s new MLBlog is all the rage as you can tell from the comments there, just like Gum Time that he brought to Motown. Take a look at the photos that were just added to make it even more fun. Looks like Detroit has a magical summer under way, and it kind of feels like the 2005 White Sox summer when Scott Reifert started his MLBlog and masses of Sox fans jumped aboard right through a parade.

Nate will be on MLB Radio at 3:40 p.m. ET (UPDATE: RIGHT NOW), chatting with Seth and Bone on the Stayin’ Hot show. He’ll be promoting his MLBlog and talking baseball, so don’t miss it!

Nate is one of four active Major Leaguers with MLBlogs. Others so far include David Wright, Jorge Cantu and Dan Haren. More to come. How amazing would it be if the Tigers and Mets, leading their respective leagues now, met in the Fall Classic and those two representatives had a blog-off?

Our most sincere best wishes to Peter Gammons, one of the great ones. One of our writers IM’d me today about the news story on that I’ve been updating about Peter’s condition (thankfully the condition is good), and we were talking about all those long, long Sunday baseball notes columns we used to write for our respective former newspapers. We had Peter to thank for those; he and the Globe pioneered the concept. He’s pioneered a lot.

Double Play has been liveblogging the Sox-Mets game, so feel free to drop by with your thoughts on Pedro’s nightmare homecoming.

So who’s your Baseball Superman? We built one of our own at and figured tonight’s full theater debut of Superman Returns warranted a superblog suggestion. Will be interested to see what people think of the movie and which MLB players have those special powers. Superman and Major League Baseball have gone hand-in-hand as institutions of Americana just about since the first World Series was played.

We always like to point out whenever Tommy Lasorda posts something. He was our very first MLBlogger, for those who might be new to the community.

Glad to see our own T.R. Sullivan finding a way to get David and Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) on an MLBlog. Mad Dog had to like that one.

Welcome back to Pete and his Churros.

The American League has been destroying the National League this Interleague season.

So, who’s blogging over the Fourth of July? Will resume Spheroids shortly…been a crazy week.


Because I was busy defending him (or at least adding sanity to the argument that it’s a joke he’s leading at AL third base0 on the Baltimore ESPN radio show I just did (see latest post).

Mark, how come you didnt say anything about Alex’s heroics last night? =)

– Lo

Sincere best wishes to Peter and the Gammons family. He is a breath of fresh air every Sunday

I will also be liveblogging today, the White Sox vs. Pirates in hope that Inside the White Sox can add an other W to his name.


amazingly, zoe, i had that one on my list and meant to add it. it would be a lot of debate, certainly. i think i knocked it out because it didn’t fall under “special powers” if you scope all the Superman sites…though it can definitely be a special power (fortunately or unfortunately). but good one.

I will be liveblogging on July 1st, 2006, for the Mets vs. Yankees. Everyone come join the fun.


(oopsies, forgot to leave this:

Great superman article! In the Super-good-looks department, we gotta get in some David Wright. (And his powers are pretty darn super too!)

Thanks both. One I wanted to write and one I didn’t.

Excellent article about the Baseball Superman. I loved reading.



Good story on Peter Gammons.

I also posted a story on my blog about him.

Great writer!


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