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Here is another photo album that you have to see if you haven’t already. Leave a comment on Mollie’s blog and tell her which one you liked best.

Welcome to Zoë Rice, a longtime Mets fan and a new MLBlogger. You can find her new novel Pick Me Up
in the front of most bookstores for summer reading, and we especially love the baseball connotation (although unintentional) with the title of that book. If you get picked off first, what do you shout from the
dugout to your teammate at the plate? "Pick Me Up!" (Or you knock over
the water cooler.) Pretty cool to have more baseball-loving literati around here, and you can see a list of authors/MLBloggers in the side panel of this blog.

Welcome also to the Captain! Feels a little strange to call him a Rookie when you read his About page, but we’ll add him there anyway.

Poza’s Nest is now Get your Scorecards Here!!! Either way, we’re glad to have Matthew back. You can find it among the Red Sox MLBlogs listed on our new search page.

Nick just did a nice job in putting the AL Central picture in perspective. The Twins have to make up a double-digit deficit in the standings just to get in Wild Card contention, and you never know how many dominating stretches like this you can put together in a season. It’s unreal what kind of run these three clubs at the top of that division have been on lately, playing on a different plane.

(Nick, hopefully that plug will help make up for you losing an entire post by hitting the back button on your mouse tonight. All of us probably can relate. Feel free to share any back-button nightmare stories here. There needs to be a safeguard other than progressively going with Choose Draft, Save, Wait For Posting Page To Reload. Alas, look on the bright side: It used to be a typewriter world and a big advancement then was that awful white correction tape. We’re spoiled, but you didn’t lose anything on a typewriter. At least I don’t think so.)

MLBlogger Sighting on MLB.TV: Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend.

Ever wonder how groundskeepers mow those cool stripes and designs on a field? Voila.

Favorite post over the weekend: Top 5 baseball movies of all-time. Join the discussion!

Mad Dog is workin’ hard for everyone, folks. Bend it like Beckham! Did you see that goal for England? And how exactly do those England fans know all of those lyrics to those chants? Dave has the World Cup covered, even if you’ve jumped ship after the USA loss.

Nike employee or just working the Google Adsense thing for some smack? Inquiring minds want to know. Maybe s/he can tell us what kind of cleats Manny wears. His baggy pants kind of fall over his cleats sometime.

Memo to Gooch: That was still a pretty awesome display: 3-run HR in the eighth, salami on white in the ninth, seven quick ribbies to force extras. But the Astros finally have broken through. Time to remove the nine W’s on the third line of the descriptive text atop Scott’s blog. The 16 W’s in the blog title are still safe until Jose throws, though.

Have a good week, everyone. Tell a friend to start an MLBlog!


And how do you copy comments like David Wright did and post it on your blog? How do you post your all star picks from Monster?

Mark, How do you post multimedia clips on your blog? Or just the links? How do you get the link?


Be sure to add Nate Robertson to the list of Active Players.


But you can all come and read my 7/1/06 liveblog for the Mets vs. Yanks

Mark, What happened to the side panel where it has all these ideas about what to blog about? Because I have no idea what to blog about.


I couldn’t finish my liveblog (my computer got a virus or something)


Hey everyone… BHGM is back. I had to make a brief run to Cincinnati and Chicago – brief being about a month. But, we’re back now, and everything should be returning to normal within the next week or so. Come check it out… today’s post is a little hodge-podge on the Tigers, Braves, Pirates, and the like.


Yes, the plug makes up for the lost post, thank you Mark.

Check out my bold statement over on my blog, thanks.

Hey everyone I am liveblogging Roger Clemens vs. Nate Robertson.


Mark, yet again I can’t thank you enough for all your help, support and promotion.

I’m pretty disgusted by Ozzie. I don’t think I can root for the White Sox anymore…

-The Baseball Collector

Favorite post over the weekend? I’m honored.🙂


I don’t want to be a baby; in my playing days teammates made Jewish cracks but I saw that they were all in fun (racial humor is common in any clubhouse setting) but I’m not quite sure how to react to the comment on my blog entitled “In Defense Of Nuclear Ozzie”. It gave me a funny feeling, so maybe you’d better have a look at it. It’s probably better if I don’t respond to it myself.

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