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It’s a bit of a hack until we nail the automated feeds with Six Apart, but hope you like the latest addition to the MLBlogosphere. The MLBlogs homepage now has a link to an aggregator page of the latest MLBlogs Active Roster, sorted alphabetically by team and blog. Will maintain that manually for now. Some older (inactive) blogs are included, but leaning on the side of inclusion in this case. Feel free to post that link somewhere on your own MLBlog (example) as a handy reference. Update 1:08 pm ET 6/25: Anchor links are added, so Zack and all of you folks with the MLB template don’t have to scroll far to find your own. For those who like to juggle their template logo from team to MLB to team, might not be able to keep up with you doing this manually, but comment here if you do and we’ll see if we can oblige. If you have an MLBlog with the default title of "My Weblog," here’s another good reason to give it a name, so it can be included as well. Feel free to post comments here going forward with any suggested additions/removals from the list on that News Article page. Not sure yet if these will be searchable from by virtue of entering this in our publishing system, but comment here this week if you notice one in the results.

That was a lot of linking, which is a good thing. But as you can see from the list, we still have a lot more work to do as we continue to grow a community that started from scratch in 2005. Especially you West Coast bloggers! Looking for Giants, Mariner and Padre bloggers of particular note. Please help spread the word so more and more fans will become part of a blogging community linked in from and 30 club sites.



Glad this is helpful, folks. Next thing you will see is a slicker way to get there and a better look for it. Then the automated feeds will just make it a lot easier pour moi. And I can attest that four new MLBlogs had to be added to the active roster today.

Great job,Mark. Thank you for doing this. It makes it a lot easier to search for other A’s fans whom have blogs.

wow and wow. good stuff my friend.

Torre does a weekly radio spot during afternoon drive time, so it’s not like he was announcing it as a specific plan of action. It was mentioned when the subject of Matsui needing a rest was broached over the last couple of seasons during the summer and Torre said he’d DH him to keep his bat in the lineup and the streak going because it’s important to Matsui. But if it came down to it, I doubt Torre would let that influence him if he felt it were best for the team to keep Matsui out of the lineup entirely; this is the same guy who benched Alfonso Soriano in the postseason. The point is moot now, anyway.

OK, if Torre ever actually talked about how he would prefer not to start Matsui but was doing so only because he didn’t want to interrupt a consecutive-games streak, then I really missed that one. It sounds out of character for the Yankees’ skipper. But I’ll give you that one if it’s documented by a credible (term used loosely in some circumstances) source.

Actually before Matsui got hurt, Torre mentioned it often. But he was always able to stickhandle his way around it by DHing him; which is something that I don’t think (not sure, I’d have to check) Ripken did to keep the streak going.

OK, maybe change that to “rant about a positive thing.” You have some points, but mine is that managers love to know they can write a guy into the lineup every day for an entire season, and those who watch can focus on the “streak” aspect, which helps the proliferation of game notes. You can be sure that Torre never begrudgingly started Matsui during his streak because someone else would be upset that it ended. Maybe right on Tejada, will see one day.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call what I wrote a “diatribe”. Jeez. I added the caveat that the streaks are a positive attribute for the player that wants to play every day; but when the streak becomes an entity unto itself is when it can be a hindrance. If Albert Pujols is out there every day and puts up his current numbers, then fine. But what happens if the player is 37 and needs a day off to be productive and the club is depending on some streak to put an extra 5000 fans in the seats? The manager is hired to place the best lineup possible on the field to win that day’s game, but also in future games. These streaks are admirable and are a hindrance. And as for the current players with their streaks, Miguel Tejada is the current “consecutive games” leader and in looking at their numbers, he and Ripken are comprable, but I would say Tejada is the better player and his numbers will surpass Ripken in productivity when he’s all done.

Paul—Prince of New York

I shouldn’t be talking, I’m the first person on the list.

Zack- You should be a Mets fan because (let’s see) you always go their games, You root for them, Know some of the players so well that you play catch with them (Heath Bell). There’s lots of other reasons but I forgot them all. You would have to be crazy not to be a Mets fan. But then again it is YOUR choice and you do travel around alot. So I think I see where your going with that MLB Template


Zack, the anchor links will help on that front and doing that today.

Arielle, hope you have a great trip! We’ll keep the blog candle burnin’!

My blog is going to be inactive for a month because I’ll be in Israel, but don’t delete it because I am leaving an open forum for comments so people can tell me what is going on.
Be back in a month,


I like the new search feature. Good idea. But man-o-man, my generic MLB template has landed me way down at the bottom.

(Actually, I’m not really concerned. It’s just fun to have SOMEthing to complain about. Hmm. Maybe that means I should be a Red Sox fan.)

-The Baseball Collector

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