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WhitesoxIt’s official: The title on White Sox VP Scott Reifert’s Inside the White Sox
blog just got longer. A new W is being added each time 2006 AL Cy Young Lock Of The Moment Jose Contreras
keeps the winning streak going, and one more was just added to make it 16 in the title. Pardon Scott if that just made the headline break over into two lines on your Recently Updated Weblogs, but that’s why we leave some extra gray space in that area on the MLBlogs homepage. It’s a Jose thing!

Remember when people were wondering whether Tom Glavine could "hang around" long enough to get to 300 wins? Here is an amazing thought for the night: It’s a remote possibility that he will get there this year. Glavine just chalked up No. 11 tonight, and that makes it 286 for his career. He could finish with 12 or 13 at the All-Star break, and we’ll see how it lines up for a possible NL start July 11 at Pittsburgh. If he’s at 13 by then, that leaves him just 12 short. Which means he wouldn’t even have to duplicate his first half. It’s fairly unheard of for a pitcher to win 25 games in a season these days, but he has the team to do it. A couple of obstacles: Wondering how middle age treats a hurler in the dog days of the second half; and mostly a concern that if the Mets have run away with the NL East by the last month, whether he would make all of his starts. If he keeps this up in the second half, the best guess is that he falls a bit short and goes after 300 next April. But just pointing out this remarkable opportunity: 300’s not impossible in 2006. It also would mark the third time in four years that a Major League pitcher reached 300 (Rocket in 2003 for the Bombers, Mad Dog in 2004 for the Cubbies). Maybe not. But who’d have thought?

Speaking of the Mets, we have the privilege of David Wright being part of this MLBlogosphere, and everyone who saw his latest post this week remembers how hard he was on himself and setting his own expectations higher. He has been lights-out since he posted Wright Now, and that MLBlog could be really fun to watch over the All-Star break and this fall.

Mike McClary of The Daily Fungo was our MLBlogger of Week on MLB Radio’s "Under the Lights" show Friday night (always 10:20 pm ET, folks), and you can now hear the replay by clicking the drop-down menu under "Multimedia" on the MLBlogs homepage. Thanks, Mike. Email us if you’d like to appear on the show on an upcoming Friday night to talk baseball and promote your MLBlog.

Hey, this was funny — a Spheroid outside of this MLBlog! Sounds good to us — anyone who wants to post their own Spheroid rather than emailing it here and having us post it, just show us the Permalink as a comment here and we’ll add "Spheroid" to your spot on the MLBlogs Active Roster. Glad it’s catching on!


Mariotti Get Out of The Dugout!
Dear Mr. Mariotti, or should I say Ms. Mariotti;

Is it true that most journalist or columnist have the power to destroy or intentionally cause a person other than themselves to be discredited because of the journalist or columnist personal belief system?

I’ll make this short and to the point; I know for a fact that the “American Male Image” has been distorted these days by various entities and high profile elitist that have the power to put forth their personal opinion as the authoritative judgment without question. Are you one of such individuals that have the social power to discriminate against another but no one had better even dare to discriminate against you or your close friends?

Let me put it to like this; two things you don’t do:

1. You never pull on Superman’s cape while he’s working.

2. You never spit into the wind.

In my humble opinion you’ve done both and I’m sorry that you have because you are playing “little god” with your pen and your mouth by discrediting Coach Guillen. Something I learned from my Sunday School classes over fifty years ago; Nobody is perfect and you of all people had better learn that since you’re part of the fourth branch of our government [The Media]. Reason being is because what goes around will definitely come back around. Of course I’m from the old school and as a doctor I’ve watched numerous people die from personal physical ailments and as war casualties, but the largest percentage of human death I’ve witnessed was caused by the hatred in the heart of another. You have this deadly symptom [venom] of hate towards Coach Guillen. Real men don’t hide behind editorial pens or network cameras or dresses, so be careful of your true motive against Coach Guillen before you’re exposed for your true nature.

Dr. Bear Clayborn

No no no, let’s keep talking baseball…

Good point about columnists being contrarians…and about how certain players just HAVE what it takes. I thought *I* had it, but it just turned out that I wasn’t good enough.

Lets Talk FOOTBALL. What a match between Argentina and Mexico. A fantastic advertisement for the Worlds most popular sport. Simply Amazing.
It’s sudden death time, Mark. Enjoy it . It doesn’t get any better than this mate.

I’ll have it ALL covered at


Let’s talk some HOCKEY!!! Did you see 3 Minnesotans were drafted in the first 10 NHL picks? I had to brag up my state:


John, The King’s Game


I’m with you on that one, Zack. Have never personally put much stock in all the “no way” talk in a lot of years of being a baseball writer. There are always special players who come along, and there always will be…that’s the magic. Often it’s an “easy” angle for a writer…taking the contrarian side of things. Especially if you’re a columnist. No one knows what is in the heart of an aspiring player. Who knows, my son could wind up playing in as many straight games as Ripken. He might never make The Show. You just never know. But if you’re close to the players themselves, you can sense those who have that special “even keel” that it takes to break “unbreakable” records and to reach the big milestones like 300. Next time anyone hears why something will never be done again, that’s your first cue to laugh. Anything’s possible in life and baseball.

Even though I grew up as a Mets fan, I’ve loved Glavine since his early days with the Braves. Go figure. For the last decade, I’ve always believed that he would get to 300 wins, even when he was struggling and looking OLD during his first couple years with the Mets.

I’ve heard lots of people talk about how there won’t be any more 300-game winners, and I think that’s dumb. I realize that with shrinking pitch counts and inflated offense, it’s going to be tougher, but c’mon, it’ll still happen.

Plenty of current pitchers have a shot because they started when they were so young: Kazmir, Buehrle, Sabathia, Zito, Bonderman, Liriano, Mulder, Oswalt, (Carlos) Zambrano, Beckett, Santana (Ervin AND Johan), Colon, Prior (if he could stay healthy), even Felix Hernandez…and more.

Then, of course, there are several veterans who are closing in on 300 (or will be doing so within a few seasons): The Unit, Mussina, Pedro, and Pettitte.

So let’s not get depressed about 300. We’ll still have occasions to celebrate.

-The Baseball Collector


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