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Props to our friend Nathan over at Brew Crew Coup. About to relocate from the Upper Midwest to Houston, he can identify with many, many other Major League baseball fans in today’s nomadic society (self included). Would you believe that most fans don’t live in the same city where their favorite team plays? That was the demographic research finding by one sports magazine recently. It’s one reason that MLB.TV is such a hit today. But back to Nathan’s MLBlog. He has taken it upon himself to contact other MLBloggers and get their story about being a displaced fan. Interesting stuff, and looking forward to reading more of these. Just like we’re posting occasional Spheroids here to show who’s posting MLBlogs and why, Nathan is helping other fans like him express that fact of life and how you cope if you live many miles from your team’s ballpark. Great blog.

Friday night’s MLBlogger of the Week will be Mike McClary, proprietor of The Daily Fungo. Catch him on MLB Radio’s "Under the Lights" show with host Pete McCarthy at 10:20 pm ET (that’s the weekly time slot, folks). As always, you can email us if you’d like to nominate yourself to appear on that show to talk some baseball and promote your MLBlog in front of a large audience. And you can listen to past MLBloggers of the Week by clicking the drop-down menu under the Multimedia heading on the homepage.

If you want to know a little more about the increasing number of MLB club blogs that are springing up — and will spring up more and more — check out the Visitor’s Guide. That’s the Major League Baseball Advanced Media company blog, and we created it to keep people informed on all of the new developments around our world, whether it’s editorial launches at or any of the 30 MLB club sites we operate, new Shop or Auction offerings, new artists in the Best Records series from the site we power,, etc.

Remarkable story about the power of baseball on the MLBlog of T.R. Sullivan, who covers the Texas Rangers for

Mets Magic Number seemed a little bizarre at first. Who cares what the Mets’ magic number is in May? But unless New York folds down the stretch, here’s one thing you can’t take away from that MLBlogger: It would be a unique keepsake chronicle of a season in which a team other than Atlanta finally won the NL East, and no one else to our knowledge would be able to say they chronicled it quite that way. The only thing we’d like to see is an About page and a little more insight into who’s doing that math every day and night along the way. We know it’s not David Wright.

Made one removal from the Six Apart profanity filter as a result of a comment thread over at Inside the White Sox. After a little over one year of MLBlogging, we’ve removed some language from the filter and added some, trying to keep it real and keep it right. Always interested in MLBloggers’ input along the way, and the main interest is making sure it’s a community where people can express their thoughts without a moderator climate.

Bring on The Rocket. It’s time.

So, has anyone bought a pair of Baseball Cleats yet? Just wondering.

Recently Updated Photo Albums:


Thanks, Kellia, looked at all those photos as well, great shots. I especially liked the one of Wakefield and Lowell each in leaning position right as ball is to the batter…nice lines and composition.

We featured Emmelyn’s Tigers shot in a gallery, but am going to hold off on the photo thing I proposed previously, need to evaluate a little more. Might have to go through waiver faxing if we go forward with it, not ideal but have to contemplate further. Problem is that we would enter these in our content management system, and then they would be among countless photos from which anyone might pull a shot who knows when for who knows what sweepstakes or other revenue-generating content venture at And that’s where it’s a slippery slope if it’s a fan-produced image, so am going to hold off till further notice on that front. But still great to tell others here about any great Photo Albums you run across.

This picture from one of Red Sox Chicks newest photo albums is a hoot:

She calls it Brian Schneider gives Manny the Eye. But I think it should be captioned: Brian Schneider: “Is he still there?”


Nathan, thanks also for pointing out the logo change on the Brewers’ MLBlogs template choices. MLBloggers may notice this in various cases, such as Rangers. We’ve updated all logos to reflect latest versions or “classic” ones that are OK with the club.


Thanks for the props on my blog. I am hoping to connect with other bloggers out there. Also that for the logo help.


Thanks for the profanity filter update. Always good to know. Although I don’t really use profanity in my blog RADIOMANS KORNER, It would have been useful to know when just tonight I wrote a well worded piece on Ozzie(THE PUNK)Guillen.
Atleast I think it was well worded.

RadioMan out

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