Happy Father’s Day

So this is the way it has worked for generations dating back to ancient civilization. Dad puts ball in child’s hand, child releases ball to remove it from hand, and there is no turning back because Dad has just taught child the game of baseball. One day child will have an MLBlog and post pictures about doing that same thing to subsequent offspring, and so on, and so on. Along the way they will go to countless baseball games, Dad will teach child how to score a 5-3 putout, child will ask why they used to wear baggy uniforms a long time ago or why players once were always white or why Red Sox and Yankees do not love each other, child will hear the same voice on the radio that Dad listened to, Dad will yell loudest when child is at-bat during a youth league game, Dad will show child statue of Roberto Clemente or Roger Clemens and explain who he was, and one day child will sit down on a Father’s Day and remember just how wonderful it all was.

UsMoms, we love you, too, and last month was your big day. Today is Dad’s big day. There is a personal void here because this child’s Dad who taught him to keep score and stop the hot dog guy in the aisles brushed through the Iowa
cornfields and disappeared two months ago, joining Shoeless and all those others in baseball heaven. It just happens, and it’s a reminder to appreciate every moment if you’re a Dad who is teaching a child the game of baseball and life, or if you’re a daughter or son who have a Dad who’d like to go to a ballgame again. The great tradition goes on, and by unpopular demand here’s a recent photo of the blogger with his own next generation, complete with The Amazing Headless English Bulldog.

This is pretty much what it’s all about. Googled a Sporting News cover story I once wrote about on the subject, and looking forward to your views on the day. BTW, one great memory of researching that story was sitting down with Jack and Joe Buck at Busch Stadium and interviewing them about their memories together. Jack was truly one of a kind, and the most gracious person in the world.  Most amazingly, he seemed to remember anyone he ever met, and that is one of the things that touched those who knew Jack Buck. Joe is a fellow Hoosier alum and now I can relate.

We’ll keep an eye on the posts like this and this and this and update the Father’s Day panel on MLBlogs.com as often as we can during this special day around the game. Major League Baseball is commemorating the occasion in a big way as usual, as you will see at each home ballpark. A massive amount of money already has been raised to go toward finding a cure for prostate cancer, and you can find more information in my MLB.com story here and consider making a pledge. As with Mother’s Day last month, this Father’s Day is a chance to do something good in the world. And just celebrate Dads who put that ball in that tiny hand and just keep the game going, occasionally producing a Derek Jeter or an Ichiro Suzuki from all corners of the Earth.

On another note, was on a trip so belated welcome here to Around the Horn in KC, which is the official MLBlog of the Royals’ front office. It is the latest example of something Business Week magazine was talking about in its latest issue — using the power of blogs to increase communication in a powerful new way. In this case, a club directly talks to its fans in real time, and no other media is involved…which makes some people antsy, but get used to it because it is here. Inside the White Sox, Inside the Dodgers, Baron’s Corner, The Bad Boy Blog…it’s just starting. If you are a fan, then you can either write a paper letter to a club address and wait for a reply, or you can write a letter to the editor and see what happens, or you can call a talk show and discuss…or you can just post a comment to your club’s blog and conversation happens, which leads to good things. Look for more of these to spring up…just like Mark Cuban is doing over in Mavs country (at least when the Mavericks are winning, anyway).

Update 9:22 pm ET: A little history at MLBlogs as Cyn throws down a Sunday Night Liveblog. Be sure to keep her company.

There have been some great Father’s Day posts today. Hope you have been able to see them all, most are linked in on the MLBlogs homepage, and MLBlogs also has been linked from a panel on the MLB.com mediawall all day for "Blogging Dad." Enjoy the rest of Father’s Day 2006, everyone. Dads, baseball (and English Bulldogs) forever.


AHA! So we finally see your face. Nice family picture…




great post mark!!

It IS nice to see a pic of you (and the fam) up here.

-The Baseball Collector

It’s all about you guys but Arielle made me do it. 🙂

Mark, absolutely loving the family picture! Thanks for posting it!


Nice family photo and sorry to hear about your dad. Happy Father’s Day to all the men.

Mark, I have a question when you get a chance. It concerns the “trackbacks”.


Hi Mark,

Nice family photo…finally, the man behind the words. The blogmaster. Great pic.



Last fall and he’d just turned 18. He already graced this blog once at http://mlblogs.mlblogs.com/mlblogscom/2006/05/random_thoughts.html

Your(?) dog is very funny. The perfect picture for Father’s day. Was that taken this year? The tallest one doesn’t look 18.



OK, so I gave in and c’est moi.

“Photo thief has struck here as well. :)”

I think it is time for you to show us your work with the camera. I don’t remember any of yours being posted up here, but feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Besides . . . there is nothing better than seeing a picture of one’s self on “the sweet spot” while, er, studying very diligently for finals. Emphasis on the diligently. cough cough



Hey Mark,
I finally got around to my father’s day post just a few minutes ago. My grandma’s funeral was today and we are sitting Shiva at my house, so it has been busy. Since my Dad won’t really be able to enjoy father’s day 2006, we are going to celebrate on Friday since I am leaving for Israel on Sunday, so I actually forgot about father’s day completely. Hope you are having a good one



NP…I didn’t know you added names to it, then by all means bump away. I’ll be quiet 🙂

Sorry Mark,

Didn’t mean to break rules,Just added two more names to list, that’s why I bumped up on Recently Updated list.

So sorry about your dad, Mark. This is a really nice entry.

And happy father’s day to YOU – the one dad you forgot to mention.

Thanks, Joe, and Happy Father’s Day. Carl, nice list. Linked to both of these and saw Radioman just checked in with a nice Father’s Day piece as well at http://themetlogs.mlblogs.com.

Nice story Mark.


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Carl the Cabbie


Sorry about your Dad. I read your post, after writing my post and everything you wrote is true about Dads.

Thanks for the person you are, Mark. By the way, Happy Father’s Day to you.

Joe Boesch


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