MLBlogs update

It took way too long to notice this, but here’s a phenomenal Photo Album that you have to check out. And especially this shot.

Nice Orange County Register article about The Ballhawk. MLBloggers are getting a lot of publicity lately.

Thanks to all of those MLBloggers who have been emailing your Spheroids. Have a batch of them so will get to each one as fast as we can. All you have to do is send your responses to those nine questions asked of previous Spheroids here, which you can see by clicking the category to the right.

Here are a couple of shortcuts some people here may not be aware of:

– Anytime you want to get to the MLBlogs homepage, just type You can find the link on top of the homepage by clicking "Blogs" under the headline stack or from any page by clicking "More sites" in the global nav. You can find the link on club site homepages within the headline stack, and on Fan Forum pages. MLBlogs also are linked from the Players Association site at and from the MLBP Alumni site. Then there are all your inbound links you hopefully are getting from the overall blogosphere by proactively building your network, searching Technorati, Google, Sphere et al for blogs about subjects you like…and trading links.

– Someone just asked how to make older posts show up. First thing is to make sure Archives are selected at Weblogs–>Edit Design–>Content. Archives in the side panel only show the last 10 months, but our friend Reid noted recently that you can simply click on the headline at the top of your MLBlog and then add archives.html to the full URL.

We’re promoting our colleague Mark Feinsand’s comment thread on the MLBlogs homepage because it is a pretty re-Mark-able chronicle of the life of a losing streak, whether glitch or harbinger. If you scroll through them, you can see the flow of that Oakland series.

Noticed that our fellow MLBlogger Mr. David Wright just jumped to the top of the NL All-Star voting lead at third base. Could be interesting to have a live All-Star blog going by a player next month, no?

Lots of posts about Ben Roethlisberger, such as Prince of New York, Mile High Yankees, Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes, and A New Pirates Generation. And World Cupping. Nice to see MLBloggers feeling free to blog about not only baseball if you all wanna. We’re all sports fans. Mavs look invincible, Team USA looks invisible.

Belated welcome back to Shannon, and nice report from Raymond on Sluggerrr’s birthday party in KC.

Bruce Markusen had a really nice tribute to 1966 World Series star and noted prankster Moe Drabowsky, who just passed away.

This was promoted most of the day Monday on the MLBlogs homepage, so hopefully you saw the road trip inside story from the Phillies’ John Brazer, some of the best behind-the-scenes of a Major League club you will find anywhere.

Please spread the word about MLBlogs and let’s double the number of blogs in the next month. No matter how many links, it’s always amazing how some people can’t find things one day, and the next they’re in a major daily newspaper or on the radio talking about their blog. ðŸ™‚

Happy blogging.


Ozzie Guillen is a disgrace to baseball. Directing pitchers to hit other team’s star players is total bush league. He should have been sent back to the minors, not Sean Tracy. He has shown during his tenure that he is a cheap shot manager, just like he was when he was a player. It is one thing to be hard-nosed, another thing to be hard-headed. The next time he orders his pitchers to hit a star player, he should pay the fine, not his pitcher. What a pathetic excuse for a manager.

What I loved about the Unit photo is how it looks like he is staring straight into the camera…it was a unique view among the usual hundreds of thousands of pro photogs who are right on top of the players in the wells.

That picture of Randy Johnson should be captioned “Dazed and Confused”.


My heartiest Congratulations are to David Wright for being bumped up to # 1 in the balloting. As for the Wrightoholics, we are currently accepting more members as we close in the 100 member mark with a little more than a month in existence. It is truly a good time to be a mets fan and a David Wright fan.




A four-game losing streak? Yankee fans, Puhleeze! Talk to me when you have lost at least 7 straight!

My suggestions for a shuffling of the D’Backs lineup are here:


POST ALERT (Father’s Day Special)

“Like Father Like Son”

Yeah we all know about Koby Clemens, but did you know Mario Mendoza’s kid is playing professional ball?

Come to INSIDE PITCH to see a LIST of the children of present and ex-Major Leaguers playing in the Minor Leagues today—You might be surprised at how far the bloodlines flow. Links are provided so you can follow the 2006 progress of the children and also access the career statistics of their fathers.

Anyone who can add a name I have missed gets a free cab ride, provided they’re lucky enough to flag me down.

Carl the Cabbie

Thanks for the help!


Hey, Chad. The next time you click the Insert Photo icon on the posting toolbar, first browse for the image on your hard drive and then click Custom Settings. Deselect the boxes for thumbnail and pop-up, and select the box for Save as Default. If you want to make the photo full-width in the column, click the Wrap feature, otherwise click to make it flush right or flush left. Insert pic. You can always use Custom Settings to change at any time.


Mark whenever I put pictures on my blog. They aren’t normal size the are way smaller… How do I fix this?

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