Want to be in an MLB.com story?

BallotUpdated 7:04 pm ET Sunday: Story below is live at MLB.com.

While we are mostly focused on the Monster.com All-Star Online Ballot here, I am writing a Sunday story for MLB.com about the in-stadium voting experience, which most of us probably have done ever since we were kids. If you have punched a ballot at a ballpark this season, I would be interested in possibly quoting you in the article. I would ask that you please EMAIL any quotes (along with your full name/hometown) rather than posting as a comment here. What is that experience like for you? What was the hardest choice on the paper ballot? Do you punch-a-bunch? Did an usher hand them down the aisles, or did you pick one up on the concourse? How much of a tradition is that for you, even with the advent this past decade of the online ballot? Does it bring up special memories when you use a key (or something) from your pocket to punch those tiny holes? Do you ever write-in someone on a paper ballot? How much of a difference do you think the stadium ballots will make once they are added to the voting updates, which are online-only so far?

It’s about time for stadium balloting to end, so please feel free to contribute any comments in that EMAIL if you would like to possibly be quoted…and then look for the story on MLB.com.




Wow. A ballot from 1975. I like it.

I’ve saved a few ballots every year since the mid-90s…just because.

-The Baseball Collector

Thanks to John Perrotta of Wrightoholics (he mentions it at http://allthewrightstuff.mlblogs.com) for getting involved. My story is now on the MLB.com homepage at http://mlb.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/news/article.jsp?ymd=20060611&content_id=1500582&vkey=allstar2006&fext=.jsp

Thought the Yankee fan who voted for Varitek was interesting, especially to admit it while surrounded by about 9 other Yankee fans during the interviews today at the ballpark…

Get those ballpark ballots in while you can!


Mark, I’m with Dave. Been to Fenway 6 times so far and haven’t seen a ballot anywhere.

I prefer the ballots at the park as opposed to the online voting. But I’m old school. 😉

Will be too late to let you know, as I’m headed over to Yankee Stadium in a few…for the final day of in-stadium balloting there. Yankee Stadium is the first of 30 MLB parks where the voting closes, and Fenway is the last to close voting 10 days later. And of course, online voting goes on.


Mark, I’v been to the stadium several times this season. Now it’s either me being too eager to get to my seat and start snapping photos and watch the game, because I’ve never come across a ballot ticket or box at Yankee stadium. Do you know where they are located??

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