Friday in the Sphere

Welcome to our friends at SpitKicker, which will be an MLBlog maintained by different people from that hip-home to such people as Kanye West and Phife Dog (who you see regularly on the Midday show interviewing Major Leaguers).

Please take a look at this list of MLB Radio appearances today and see which one sticks out:

Royals GM Dayton Moore
Yankees reliever Kyle Farnsworth
ESPN’s Peter Gammons
Reds closer Todd Coffey
Nationals first baseman Nick Johnson
Yankees draft pick Joba Chamberlain
Reds draft pick Drew Stubbs
MLBlogger Christopher St. Charles

Yes, the last person on that list is the voice behind RadioMan’s Korner, and he is our MLBlogger of the Week. Listen to his appearance on MLB Radio’s "Under the Lights" show with host Pete McCarthy at 10:20 ET tonight, and you also can hear previous MLBlogger of the Week appearances on MLB Radio by clicking the drop-down menu under the Multimedia heading of the homepage. Email us if you would like the same opportunity to talk some baseball in front of a huge audience and promote your MBLlog in the process on a future Friday night. That list above is the example of what kind of company you could be in. It’s another of the cool benefits of signing up for an MLBlog.

So we’re giving the World Cup
its due today with my article at and the current display on the
MLBlogs homepage, noting that many of you are blogging about the action
on the pitch in Germany. But just a friendly reminder from our
colleague Mark Feinsand, he of the comment-crazy MLBlog Mark it Down, that some baseball fans "couldn’t be less excited."

No idea on Joe Boesch’s photo trivia question here but maybe you know . . .

Happy birthday to Sluggerrr.


Just want to thank you, Mark, for all the plugs you have given my new blog for the greatest show on earth, The World Cup.
It’s an honor to have had so many hits and a couple of comments from both sides of the love it/hate it spectrum. My aim is to keep those who are interested, up to date, and those who are not or don’t understand it, a little knowledge without bias. You can ask me any question, no matter how silly it may seem, and I will reply and assist you.

For anyone who doesn’t yet know the site is

Again once again a big Thanks to Mark for all his help.

Who knows if it becomes popular and informative I may carry it over into the new domestic seasons starting in late august around Europe

I’ve known dayton moore for many years and he and Derrick ladiner asst gm worked together in atlanta. Hes one sharp guy when it comes to picking talent… hes also a pretty good groundskeeper.

Just want to let everyone know that I just got back in town and made another post. Cubs, Tigers, Royals, Yankees, Chris Young.


Are you telling me I share my birthday with a club mascot?


p.s. Happy Birthday to Randy Winn

I agree that theyre has only been one WBC and the WBC was less exciting to me as the US was knocked out and made me upset that we should have the best team in the world and lost to Canada.
As for the game in which i have really not watched throughout my life. I will turn the channel on and see what all of the hype is about,Hopefully the US can do what the US In the WBC coudlnt do and thats win it all although i hear Brazil is heavily favored to win it all.



Well, there has only been one World Baseball Classic. So no one’s really comparing them. Was just noting that we branched out with a world event just a few months ago and now it’s time for soccer’s big shindig.

Ah, if only baseball’s world cup was 1/100th as soccer’s.

Anyhow. Updated the blog today. Comments on our Fantasy Roundtable, some ipod suggestions and a very enjoyable game called Relief Pitcher, Bond Villain, 80’s Pop Star or Health Care Provider.

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