It’s THAT day in the Sphere

Hope we aren’t freaking anyone out with the current display. It’s just that kind of day on 6/6/06. I wrote the story about it for the homepage on this massive-traffic day here for the Draft, Clemens, Yanks/Sox, Angels-Devil Rays (seriously), etc…and it’s just a stunning day in baseball from start to finish. Hope it’s turning out well for you out there.

Seeing a post from the Underworld just kind of fits right in, apparently.


Sure — please post the link to your book here.


I just looked at the MLBlogsphere for the first time and saw that there was a list of book authors who are also bloggers. (My blog name is Prince Of New York.) My novel “Breaking Balls” was published by McFarland in 2001, so how about adding my name to book authors?

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