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Floating on air on the eve of the Draft because my little 5-tooler just found out he made All-Metro in the St. Louis area for the high school season he just finished at Ryan Howard’s alma mater. Maybe one day, who knows? Here is what I have always told him and he listens well:

I’m proud of you no matter what
Now go out there and kick some butt

ESPN Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter keeps referencing this as the longest drought without a no-hitter in baseball history. My stories on MLB.com in April and May first reported that it’s the longest drought since World War II. It wouldn’t even be the second-longest drought. But it IS a long drought, and Preston Wilson just extended it. Anyway, just don’t embellish.

What if there were just a PGA Tour — period? Not an LPGA Tour. Pro Golfers Association. Men or women. Just golfers. What if and why not? Go, Michelle.

Did you all get to see any of the Stanley Cup opener? Wow. Throw in a World Cup, and the Heat and Mavs meeting in a brand-new kind of NBA Finals, and these are fun times.

Barry is now just 39 away from Hank. That sounds a lot closer than 40. Isn’t that why people claim to be 39 instead of 40 years old? Yes, that’s why. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Barry start bunching homers now. Opposing crowds are now just a feint and unoriginal humming sound to him as I saw Saturday at Shea and much of that 715 pressure is way gone. Dude’s gonna pass Hank.

For anyone wondering if this Red Sox-Yankees thing is a little passe now because they’ve been playing each other so much, all anyone has to do is read the MLBlogs. (Man, you guys really don’t like each other’s team.) It’s a marathon season, and top pros in any occupation (baseball, concert tours, whatever) know how to keep an even keel. It seems like these two teams always tend to seesaw dominance in their individual series. Having said that, the Yanks and Sox have finished 1-2 in the AL East EVERY YEAR since 1998. That’s a long time, 2004 magic notwithstanding. It makes it a little harder to say "that was just one game," because come October there were always nights like 6/5 you’d like to have back, and Sox fans just have to hope they don’t regret that one game when the Yankees were missing those big guns and Josh Beckett was pounded.

Bring on the First-Year Player Draft! Amazing MLBlogs-only opportunity over at Inside the Dodgers, where you could win a valuable seat at Chavez Ravine by being closest to correct in their Draft selection process.

Happy anniversary today to White Sox VP/Communications Scott Reifert, who saved his first post on Inside the White Sox one year ago today. Definitely a pioneer around here, the first high-level exec for a pro sports franchise to communicate directly with a fan base through a daily blog. It has been truly revolutionary and amazing timing that saw the daily buildup of excitement for a world championship season along the way. Put a hard cover on it and it’s a great book, but a book can’t do what a blog can.

Mark Feinsand might have the best shot of a 1,000-comment post around here.


I am SO very nice to Yankees fans. Sometimes. It’s not the rivalry between the fans that is passe, it is the rivalry between the players that is.

As much as I can stand some Yankees fans though, everytime I hear 26-6, I say shove it. It is rude and arrogant and annoying and boy do I hate some Yankees fans.

As for the players, I am NOT an Arod fan. I never wanted him to come to Boston because my beloved Nomar would be gone. I hate HGHambi. Sheffield is a rude thug. Derek Jeter is arrogant, but at the same time one of the best shortstops baseball has ever seen. Randy Johnson can kiss my *** then disappear into the desert sun. And as they now say here in Boston

Johnny looks like Jesus

Throws like Mary

And acts like Judas.


GO SOX. Kick Wang’s butt tonight!



oh yeah, congrats on your son. That is very very cool. He must be extremely excited.

Phenomenal game, hard not to pull for Edmonton…where hockey is such a passion. (Unlike Carolina, where college basketball and NASCAR is the passion.)

Shock, anger, and frustration would describe my emotions last night. First off, the Jays got blanked by the Orioles and then my beloved Oilers blew a 3-0 lead and lost their starting goalie for the remainder of the final! I’ve always said that this is the best time of year for sports!

Lisa/Rafael, well done…we need ‘Stros Bro on the scene here!

I will be live blogging on July 1st for the Mets versus Yankees. Hope you can watch.(read)




In typical Roger Clemens fashion, Lisa (http://forloveoftheastros.mlblogs.com) and me are trying to convince Thomas (http://strosbro.mlblogs.com/) out of his retirement. He told us last night he might be convinced to return.

Although, I’d like to clarify that we can’t offer him his very own John Deere bulldozer or that he won’t be forced to join the MLBlogs force if he wants to see a son of his play Little League ball.

That being said, we look forward to see him once again get into the TypePad interface and blog with us.




Congrats to your young lad.
I’d say your as proud as punch

That was a tough, tough game for the D-Backs as a whole. You’ve got Webb working on a 30-inning scoreless streak and a safe 3-0 lead, incredible infield defense behind him…and then poof. We’ll see how Byrnsie and the whole team bounces back from that one.

“I’m proud of you no matter what
Now go out there and kick some butt”

I may borrow that one from you for my blog, Mark. Byrnesie just went 0-5 and is now 2 for his last 15. His average has dropped to .308

I have to work tommorrow, so I will not be able to watch the game. I can monitor the Gameday screen, which is not exactly real time. And sometimes I can’t even do that. I watched Game One of the doubleheader where he went 0-5, which was the break of the 15-game hitting streak, and I just watched this o’fer. But I was working during Game 2 of the Double header, which was True Elation 8 (a homer and a single).

I’ve been thinking lately that he does better with me not watching in real time. If by the end of the week that turns out to be true, I won’t watch in real time for a while.



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