Missing an Internet baseball fan

Expressing our condolences here to family and friends of Michelle Mielecki, 21, the co-founder of Grady’s Ladies, who was killed in an apparent murder-suicide. This hits close to home because Michelle and the group had met on the Indians message boards we maintain with their Girl Talk thread, and because she could just have easily been an MLBlogger with an Indians template here. It apparently was the result of a jealous boyfriend, although no one can know the reasons. Many of us probably have happened upon the Grady’s Ladies site at various points, greeted by its friendly font, and it’s sad to see this news — but a reminder to people to be careful out there and keep everything in perspective. Her MySpace page | Toledo Blade news story


I went to the same high school as both of these people. It is such a shock. If you guys would have known either of these wonderful people you would also be just as shocked. Michelle’s hometown definitely thanks everyone for their prayers and thoughts. It’s sad, yet also great to see what an impact Michelle’s life had on so many people!


I am very saddened to hear this news.😥
Although i didnt know Michelle, i feel strangely connected to her as a fellow female baseball fan, and i have been to the site before because i do have a HUGE crush on Grady myself…and its really devastating when people my age die…especially in that way and when they had so much potential and promise.

I pray the survving familes have the strenght to overcome this loss.

– Lo


Too young … too tragic.

Rest in peace.

To lose anyone who contributed to the way our baseball society is founded hurts me in many ways. Its a total shame that a young woman like herself who had such a bright future was taken from us. I am very upset and also deeply saddened by this news,My best wishes go out to her family and those of the fan club. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Thats so tragic.
May They Rest in Final Peace..

Total condolances to all the family

OMG! That is horrible.

My condolescences to Michelle’s family and Grady’s Ladies.

Jen (BD)


Oh, how horrible!

I just HATE it when people who choose suicide take someone else with them, especially kids.

As far as I am concerned, this type of crime is an indictment of patriarchy, where men think they can own women like chattel.

Condolescences to Michelle’s family and Grady’s Ladies.



I agree with Mark and Rafael.

There are times we think we know someone real well, and it turns out that we, as humans, don’t.

We all need to be careful. At MLBlogs, we are a community and also a small family and stuff like this hits home.

Joe Boesch


I am deeply saddened by this news, my condolences to her family and to Grady’s Ladies.

Female baseball fans are always a joy and I am indeed proud to see women taking their love of baseball into new heights and getting inspired to pursue careers in the game.

Michelle’s tragedy hits me very close, since I know a group of Astros fans who started a similar group and were also depìcted in our blogs.

Just like Mark said, be careful out there.




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