First-Year Player Draft is ready for one of the largest annual two-day traffic binges of any Internet site during the course of a calendar year, and it all starts Tuesday with our live video broadcast of the first rounds at the First-Year Player Draft. It’s what every young baseball player who takes a local diamond dreams of one day.Are you and will you be blogging about it? One of the ironies of this event is that it doesn’t have the Mel Kiper/fandemonium factor that accompanies the always-boisterous/controversial NFL Draft, but this is the biggie, folks, as the data always shows. Simply because of the sheer volume of people interested — high school and college prospDraft2006ects across the land, their families, their friends, their schools, their hometowns, 30 MLB parent clubs and their full organizations, and their fans from MLB to rookie leagues. And a lot of agents. That is a big, honking number of people who absolutely have to check into and see who’s going where. The difference is that this one is about volume of participation; you aren’t likely to blog about these "needs" that your team must fill, and the players are typically years away from reaching the parent roster. You aren’t likely to post that this late third-rounder is a great fit because your favorite Major League club is thin at shortstop right now. So I’m not sure it makes for great MLBlogging, but it will be interesting to see what the MLBlogosphere has to say about it throughout the event as we prepare for the annual onslaught like nothing else in online sports. You are more likely to blog about it because someone you went to school with, someone you played against, someone you know, someone from your hometown — someone — is getting drafted. There’s no Mel and there’s no Reggie Bush who everyone was watching intently in a high-profile game just months before the event, so it’s just different. But there’s no comparison to the crowd to come.


I feel like MadDog with this plug:

Mattingly to the Red Sox? It could happen!


Hey Mark,
I will enjoy seeing the draft unfold as with all of my recent favirote players being drafted to the mets, im also looking forward to start doing some scouting on the Mets new aqusitions.

Also Mark,

I sent in my questions for the blogosphere thing and was wondering did i fill it out correctly or will i have to re send you an email containing the new 9 questions in which you asked the diamondbacks fan down there. Thanks again Mark, its always a pleasure


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