Saturday in the Sphere

Bonds_1Updated 12:25 am ET: Today’s Lineup in the side panel of this blog.

Went to Shea Stadium Saturday afternoon. Waited through a two-hour downpour for Game 1 to start and mainly wanted to experience the Barry Show in New York, so one game was enough today along the left-field line in Field Seats. It was not what anyone had expected, not even marginally living up to the hype, mostly because the rain kept much of the crowd at bay and might have been a little tough on signage as well. Nothing original, just a sloshy doubleheader. It kind of seems like the Barry Show has run its course as well. He’s past the Babe, he goes to a new town and hears the boos and the same crowd schtick, he doffs his cap to the hecklers in the first inning, and it moves on. Perhaps it is therapeutic to fans; it has no effect on the player whatsoever. I encourage you to go heckle the brick or vinyl siding on the outside wall of your home if you would like to have a similar effect. The more the beer flows, the more stupid the remarks and I’m sure the less he hears anyone. And all he was doing was getting on base — two singles and two walks (one intentional) in five plate appearances, an impressive showing, the kind of OBP I’d take in a heartbeat in ’07. Endy Chavez doubled him up off first after catching a liner, but Bonds was in no-man’s land on a sloppy infield. People want to see if he will hit one over the wall, so they go.

One of the first things Bonds did when he came onto the outfield for the first time in pregame warmups was to point across the outfield toward Cliff Floyd, who pointed back. Several Mets have been outspoken in their support for Bonds, including our own MLBlogger David Wright, who, like Bonds, was doing nothing but getting on base today. It was enough elements today for this blogger, and it looks like I didn’t miss Tom Glavine moving one game closer to 300.

John Inglis, aka JohnnyArchive, was our MLBlogger of the Week Friday night on MLB Radio’s "Under the Lights" show. He talks about the appearance on his MLBlog, and you can listen to the replay by clicking the drop-down menu under the Multimedia heading on the homepage. Tentatively scheduled next in our weekly series on Friday is RadioMan’s Korner. This is another great opportunity to get some exposure and show how much baseball you know, so just email us if you’d like to get yourself considered for an upcoming show. Another great way is to email the same address and send us your responses to those Nine Questions that we ask of Spheroids here. To see previous Spheroids, just click the category link on the side panel of this blog.

Welcome to a few more new MLBloggers: Armchair Angel, A CARD A DAY and The Baseball Encyclopedia. The third one on that list just snagged a sweet URL, too:

While MC Hammer has been congratulating Barry on his MLBlog recently, congrats are extended here to Hammer himself for having a song called "I Got It From The Town" from his soon-to-be-released "Look3X" CD featured in the new movie The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift. Hammer’s back. Pretty cool that his re-emergence coincides with MLBlogging.

One of the funniest developments at MLBlogs is the Cub Fans blog. So far it still has nothing but a 21-word post, created on May 24. And now there are 25 comments, so it is the first blog I’ve ever seen that has more comments than words posted.

Possibly the first actual logo ever created for an MLBlog: The Bad Boy Blog, from Reds broadcaster Steve Stewart. Watch out for the T-shirts. Feel free to leave him a comment with your thoughts on the new logo.

Here was a good tip from Reid for those who are fairly new to MLBlogs. If you want to see ALL the archived posts for any MLBlog, just click the main headline on top of that blog, and then add archives.html to the full URL. For example:

The side panel will only show up to 10 previous months, so there is never a concern that older posts are vaporized. The other way is to go to the earliest month on that archived side panel list on an MLBlog, and then click the previous month at the top of that first post you see. And by the way, on that previous example you will see that we have a very special occasion coming up on Tuesday for Scott Reifert, the VP of Communications for the White Sox. We plan on doing something special.

You also never need to worry if your Typepad software indicates you are close to using up your allotted memory. There is no such maximum according to our Six Apart partners, who host MLBlogs.

The good news is that it’s getting harder and harder to decide which MLBlogs to link to when we create that now-traditional weekend blog party display on the MLBlogs homepage. As usual, we will continue to rotate them as best we can so as many people as possible get love. Wanted: Mariners/Giants MLBloggers.

Mentioned David Wright above, and here’s another player who was drafted five years ago and deserves a mention here. Did you know that Joe Mauer is now your Major League Baseball batting leader for 2006?

Welcome back to Daryl’s Place and It’s All In The Cards.

Had a two-part root canal done this week so no sympathy here for anyone who’s team is on a losing streak or whose fantasy team stud just got injured. Advice for anyone who will have to face that procedure one day: You’re numb, so the only thing that really hurts is having to open your mouth as wide as possible for about an hour. Kind of like many of the fans around me this afternoon.

Inspired by the new autograph photos posted by our friend Jason at Baseball & The Boogie Down Bronx, here are Recently Updated Photo Albums at MLBlogs (add yours):


Apparently, Mets rookie Lastings Milledge ticked off a lot of people by high-fiving the fans down the right field line as he took the field for the 11th inning after hitting a game-tying homer in the 10th.

I am not one of those people:

Come check out my Blog! And help give it a name.

Chad L.

Following the third-base foul wall as far as you can down the line until the orange seats stop, and then up about a dozen rows. Left to go take some more Motrin (see my last paragraph) and it was a long enough day, then LIRR back to Penn Station. Enjoy!

Hey Mark,
What Seats wereu in at Shea as i was and still am at Shea Stadium sitting in my usual loge seats down the line on my blackberry phone thingy .I was heckling bonds for a while until the tip of the cap, then i realized he doesnt care. Also as Finley just flyed out to Right, i was wondering why you arent still here? LOL ,I guess for all of the 12 of us that still remain lol, at least the ride home will be good.


John Perrotta

Just wanted to let everyone know I created a photo album of my autographed baseballs, 75 in total, and growing!

Check it out if you get a chance!


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