Spelling Bee

The Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee Championship Round is from 8-10 ET tonight on ABC. Looking for anyone who might be writing a related post, including anyone who ever appeared in spelling bees. If you’re an MLBlogger, you have to be able to spell. Please comment here if you are posting about it and we might have some fun with it…thanks.


Diamondhacks urgently directs all good Americans, baseball fans and people who like apple pie to our xenophobic take on the bee, here:


Oh Kellia you such a comic!!!
Really do you write your own material or does some other Yankee hater do it for you…

It’s all mine, Dave. I would not let someone else take the blame for my sense of humor.



I posted my “MLB All Spelling Bee Teem”. Yes, I mis-spelled “Team” on purpose. heh

Seth Everett even read the list on MLB Radio’s Stayin’ Hot today stating,”I can read the names, but I could never spell them.”


aka Johnny Archive


Have I mentioned I’ll be interviewed on MLB’s Under The Lights this Friday(6/02/06) night at 10:20 pm as Blogger of the Week!? Shhh Mad Dog, I know you know that I know you know.

Oh Kellia you such a comic!!!
Really do you write your own material or does some other Yankee hater do it for you…

As regards M*A*S*H, I’d like to think of it more like Grey’s Anatomy.. Full of humor..

Uh, Mark,

Byrnesie’s hitting streak is 14 games not 13. Love the picture of him on the MLB front panel. Hadn’t seen that one before.


Mistakes as to Julie Andrews musicals are to be well understood in a Yankees fan. If you are thinking about movies, the most appropriate one to the Yankees now is M*A*S*H*



Oh Yeah I got my Julie Andrews musicals mixed up haha


It was Mary Poppins, not The Sound of Music.

And Mark,

I can spell, but I can’t type.



I was once asked to spell a word from the movie ‘The Sound Of Music’. SUPERCALLAFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS
When I was asked to spell it, I said…..IT….

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