More great MLBlogs publicity

Our friend Kellia at Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes has just been featured at READ THE ARTICLE.

In the past week, John Nemo’s MLBlog The King’s Game has been highlighted in the St. Pete Times and the entire MLBlogs community was featured in the Bergen Record.

People everywhere are talking about MLBlogs, from ballplayers like Byrnesie himself to folks all around the blogosphere. Glad to see that more people are noticing this little startup that’s growing by the day with incredibly diverse viewpoints and blog features. You’re never more than two clicks from any page at or the 30 MLB Club sites, so please continue to spread the word so more people take the 30-day free trial and put their blog in the big leagues . . .


Thanks folks. You might know that there is supposedly a jinx that comes with appearing on the cover of SI. With Byrnesie’s hitting streak stopped at 15 in Game One of today’s double header, I was wondering if there was a simmilar jinx connected to the appearances on the front page of the web site. It was small; it was subtle. But there was Byrnes’ name on tne front page for a couple of days.

Turned out there was no need to fear. He went 2-5 in Game Two, including a 2-out, 3-run HR, his 10th of the year, which equals his output in that department for all of abysmal, abberrant 2005.


congrats to Kellia! a great article =)


What a cool article. Congratulations! That’s pretty awesome.


congrats on the article Kellia! this is another reason why having a blog on MLBlogs is worth the green.


Hey Mark,
I thought it would be better to leave a note here to you as your site is too clogged. I just wanted to congratulate all of the bloggers for making Mlblogs a great place to come and talk baseball with my newly formed friends. My first two weeks have been great and i have met alot of new and cool people who are also knowledgeable about the game.

As for tonight, i was angry i wasnt able to boo Barry at Shea, But hey! theyre’s always tomorrow! LOL. Thanks again and i wish the best to everyone on here and Mark thanks again for making me bat 7th on the lineup card, its a honor.!


Nice. Looking forward to the wacky world of MLBogs. Posted a tidbit of fantasy advice just now.

Welcome to MLBlogs and god bless you for saying “Halos” above. You’ve restored our faith in humanity. American humanity.



I’m a graduate of Indiana University School of Law in Bloomington.

But I never practiced. I did spend about a decade in legal publishing.

Writing about baseball is much more fun.


In the name of all that’s good and Holy, what else can go wrong….. Let me ponder…. Hmmmmm,

Kellia, your blog is wicked awesome. (BTW, where’d you go to law school at?) It was that article on that hooked me–until I read it, I didn’t even know about MLBlogs!

I’m a law student and half-time journalist…w/ school out for the summer and my newspaper beats (college and prep sports) basically dried up till fall, every night I’m either at the ballpark in Salt Lake (and, after the draft, in Orem to see the short-season Owlz play) or watching Angels games online, thus I’m sooooooo pumped to dive headfirst into the MLBlogs community. Go Halos.



Do tell! What do you do on the radio? (And thanks for the compliments!)


I send my congrats to Kellia as well! She welcomed me early on as well. I would also like to point out the MLBlogs was the direct reason a radio host in Tulsa, Oklahoma of all places found my worked, asked me to be on his show semi-regularly, and got me a free ticket to a Cards game. Just another example of how great MLBlogs are their exposure are!


Great article. Congrats on the exposure, Kellia. And congrats to MLBlogs as well.

-The Baseball Collector

Her chronicle of the baseball journey of one player, Eric Byrnes, has been perhaps the defining classic of early MLB blogsphere.

It’s been wordy if nothing else. And it occasionally gets Byrnesie another fan, which is a major point. But just one point.


The Byrnesblogger

Kellia deserves all the kudos she gets. She was one of the first to welcome me to MLBLogs, and taught me the ropes. Her chronicle of the baseball journey of one player, Eric Byrnes, has been perhaps the defining classic of early MLB blogsphere.

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

Thats a brilliant piece by whatshername..
I’m jealous. I wasn’t mentioned haha

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