Say Goodbye to May

Another month bites the dust tonight, big Sphere keep on turnin’. Roger Clemens was eligible to re-sign with Houston on the first day of May, and on the last day of the month he finally announced his return. I just wrote this story for listing 22 ways you can jump back into Rocket Fever, and an MLBlog made the top 10. You may have noticed on the MLBlogs homepage that we are stringing together all the posts that address Clemens, so weigh in or comment here if we need to include you in that panel.

There were a couple other much quieter but still significant moves today, including Dayton Moore becoming only the sixth different GM at Kansas City (huge) and a swap that sent Phil Nevin and $ to the Cubs for Jerry Hairston Jr. Time for those month-in-review posts here at MLBlogs.

It’s a great pitching matchup tonight with Brandon Webb and the D-Backs at Pedro and the Mets, and Kellia is liveblogging so be sure to keep her company.

Buck Canyon over at Vote for Vernon Wells! can’t be too unhappy with the first AL All-Star balloting update that was released today, but you can probably see why he has the personal campaign going due to the alluring nature of "The Rivalry." Vernon Wells, who went deep three times for the first time in his career last night, is sixth and within early striking distance of the top three spots, which predictably includes marquee names Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon so far. Having looked over both leagues’ balloting updates in the past two days, there is no question that "names" are going a long way in the early going…and blogs are tailor-made for grassroots campaigning if you’re supporting someone like a Jason Bay who has to make up a lot of early ground.

Either way, you get up to 25 online votes (per account) in addition to those ballpark ballots. The best way to make a difference is to vote.

CALLING ALL SPHEROIDS. Would you like to have your MLBlog featured here? Click the Spheroids category link to the right here, and look through the previous ones. Just answer any of those nine questions and email us your responses. We’ll gradually roll them out and point more people your way.


Arielle, to answer your question: I’m responsible for developing editorial content for MLB Advanced Media in ways that help create that “total ballpark experience” for and users while helping to grow our company, taking advantage of new technologies and various partnerships. It’s basically an undefinable position because that’s what the role is — each day is something new here, whether it’s interviewing Bon Jovi back when we were getting our entertainment division started or bringing a Houston book project to life or building MLBlogs or other ventures…and some writing about the game itself. Hope that sort of answers your question.


Ouch I’ve the injury bug!!!!

Once again, what is an enterprise editor?
The MLBlogs plug was funny though considering who was writing the article. Nevertheless, it is a very good way to “celebrate” the Rocket signing.

I also saw the plug for the 18 inning game DVD. I was in Cooperstown when the game was played standing in the bat store with about forty other people just watching Clemens keep pitching and wondering if the game would last forever. It was a classic.


You’re not too late for the liveblog, or a great, great 0-0 extra inning game. When was the last time you saw one of those?

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