Tuesday in the Sphere

With one Hammer in view for Barry Bonds, another Hammer has just weighed in. What do you think of MC Hammer’s post about society at large? This will be interesting.

Welcome a couple of new A’s fans, The Bullpen Baker and Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. We actually spotted the former’s Google blog and invited her to The Show, and voila. The MLBlogosphere is supposed to feel like a ballpark, and one thing we certainly didn’t have was The Fan Who Bakes Cookies For The Pitchers In The Bullpen. ðŸ™‚

We’re eager to see what MLBloggers have to say about the National League All-Star Balloting update that was just released. AL is up next, and Buck Canyon definitely will not be happy if Vernon Wells isn’t among the top three in the AL outfield. Make sure you watch "Sweet Vernon Wells" in case you missed it, well worth a few minutes. And don’t forget to use all 25 online votes! . . . Since the Cards and Astros comprise the entire starting NL infield so far (except for catcher), good time to mention that Lisa and Rachel are liveblogging womano-a-womano tonight. Looking forward to that one.


Whether you are an existing member of the MLBlogs Active Roster or just visiting here and thinking about having your blog called up to The Show, please enjoy

Fast facts
mlblogs.com started with 30 bloggers. Now more than 1,000 bloggers rip, remark,
rant, reminisce, record and reiterate daily.
They’re a diverse lot. Everyone from MC Hammer, to a New York City cabbie, to
the Mets’ David Wright posts on mlblogs.com.
Be heard. mlblogs.com provides an officially affiliated platform for self-styled
pundits everywhere. So, the cabbie’s words ring as loudly in cyberspace as
What’s a blog? In case you’ve been off the planet for the past few years, a blog
is a collection of thoughts published on a Web page.
Sampling the site
From sabermetrics to the stars, just about anything is discussion fodder for
bloggers on MLBlogs. You can find a full roster on http://www.mlblogs.com, but here’s a
sample of some unique musings:
raymond.mlblogs.com/ Raymond, the Devil Rays’ mascot
bestblog.mlblogs.com/ a New York City cabbie
snaggingbaseballs.mlblogs.com/ the collector of nearly 3,000 baseballs
reverendredbird.mlblogs.com/ a chart-savvy Midwestern clergyman
groundskeeper.mlblogs.com/ MLB’s head groundskeeper
davidwright.mlblogs.com/ Mets’ third baseman
bruce.mlblogs.com/ a baseball author in Cooperstown
baseballheckler.mlblogs.com/ resident funnyman
mchammer.mlblogs.com/ MC Hammer
fantasy.mlblogs.com/ a self-professed fantasy expert
whitesoxpride.mlblogs.com/ the club’s VP of communications
tommy.mlblogs.com/ Tommy Lasorda


Not really sure Mark about the template, but it will be called Maddog world cup Reports..
Thanks Mate

You didn’t like my sarcastic Clemens post enough to put it in The Spot? Just kidding, but seriously. 22 mil is absolutely ridiculous for six months. Hello Astros! There are starving people in this very country. Ugh. I hate the business part of baseball.



Dave: No rules against World Cup blogs. Not a whole lot of rules here, period. Set your hair on fire and watch out for Ghana. Actually I don’t have a clue but watch our for Ghana anyway. So what kind of template do you use for World Cup? “Nationals?” 🙂


LAst minute, I know… But are there any Mets bloggers out there who would liveblog he Webb-Martinez confrontation with me?

Kellia, The Byrnesblogger


Check out my idea to help the Yankees injured players. Its an unashamedly stolen Idea off Red Sox Chick.

Would it be against the Blog rules to start a World Cup blog for 30 days????

It starts on Friday June 9th for 4 weeks and I have a lot of knowledge in Football (soccer) and would like all my fellow bloggers to at least have a passing interest in what is the greatest show on earth.

The USA qualified again, which is a major feat in itself. Republic of Ireland did not, sadly..

Lets know either way mate.




I will self promote as well. I’m one of the MLB.com Fantasy writers and I just started my own MLBLOG the other day. I just posted about today’s edition of the Fantasy Roundtable. Look if you’re interested. Don’t if you’re not. Thanks for you’re time.



Vote David Wright everyone.
And to Mark, sweet article today as i believe the Blogosphere will grow into something much more special to all of us and that is a place where we can and talk to our new friends in which we have made. Vote Vernon as well after seeing the 3 homer performance as well.

Also everyone please Vote David to the all star team ,hes losing to Rolen now and im not very happy about it. Last night i tryed getting a ton of people to vote Wright and i hope it works.



HE’S BACK!!!! It’s official: THE ROCKET HAS SIGNED WITH THE ASTROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Effusive blog post forthcoming.

Today, life is good.



Vote for Vernon Wells!

.325/15/43 and more…



“Blogging sort of keeps me motivated to do my homework, too. I have a rule with myself that I can not post unless I have done at least one homework assignment or something Really Big happens.”


Re; That out for when something Really Big happens.

I said out loud that I was going to focus on work until the end of June, but that I would be around when Byrnesie did something great.

So Byrnesie goes on a 13- game, and counting, hitting streak and hits 3 homers in his last two games and I am here just about as much as I’ve ever been.

Fine with me…keep it going Byrnesie!!! If the baseball gods demand the delay of my CD edits in return for you besting the totals of abysmal, aberrant 2005 by All-Star Break, then the world can well wait for my take on Peak Oil, Global Warming and new generation nuclear weapons being researched 30 miles away from me.

Byrnes for the All-Star Team! I’m not asking that he start, just that he be included and gets into the game!



Mark – It’s great to hear that MLBlogs is getting bigger and bigger everyday! It has definitely made going to the games and chasing baseballs a lot more fun for me! In just 2 weeks on MLBlogs I have just about 2000 page views, 1500 unique visitors and new friends that have actually hunted me down at Angels Stadium!

Don’t forget the other Baseball chasing MLBlogger – MAJoR LEAGuE BALLHAWK – http://theballhawk.mlblogs.com

OK, Rachel’s the only one who forgot to put the URL with the comment…MLBlogging 101, always remember the URL if you want people to follow your comment to your blog.

Cory, I’ll bet what Bay did last week still helped, and the voting update you saw doesn’t reflect ballpark ballots yet.

Arielle, it works the other way, too. I know that MLB personalities like blogging right alongside of fans. Everyone’s in the same place at the ballpark, which is why it’s cool that everyone is in the same place here.

Nothing new on Clemens front, still in his court.

I enjoyed the story. It is weird sometimes to think that when I’m typing up my latest post, David Wright, Tommy Lasorda, MCHammer, Mark Feinsand (Never hurts to **** up a little), even Wally the Green Monster do the same.
Blogging sort of keeps me motivated to do my homework, too. I have a rule with myself that I can not post unless I have done at least one homework assignment or something Really Big happens.

Plus I can vent when the Sox screw up big time instead of throwing something at the tv (a la 2003 ALCS).



Great story, Mark. I almost cried when I read a different news blurb though–the one that says that So Taguchi is ahead of Jason Bay is votes for the All-Star game. Come on guys, vote!




It’s sounding like the report about Rocket is false, or at least premature. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that the Newsday story is not true and has quotes from Astros’ GM Tim Purpura and owner Drayton McLane. I had a feeling…

I second Rachel’s shout out for our liveblogging this evening for the Astros/Cardinals game.



Hey everyone! Lisa (For Love of the Astros) and I (Rachel’s Redbird Ramblings) have officially decided to do our live blogging during tonight’s game. It should be interesting especially now with all the Clemens buzz reaching a new octave. I am so excited about that. Ugh.

Anyway, everyone should check out our opposing view tonight.

It’s being reported that the Rocket has signed with the Astros. I have a link to the story on my blog.



Mark – glad you guys got this. I sent you an e-mail as well pointing it out. I talked to Aditi for the story but didn’t make it in there. Glad though I could help and provide her some background stuff. I know as a print journalist you always interview more people than you need, and it sounds like she talked to a ton of people for this feature. Good stuff!




That’s so cool! What a great story. Also just wanted to self-promote a little: Rachel from Rachel’s Red Bird Ramblings and I are getting together a liveblogging match-up while the Astros and Cardinals play one another–either tonight’s game or the one tomorrow afternoon. So stay tuned…




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