MLBlogs update

Just added a new Typelist on the side here, so feel free to click those blog-search results at any time to see your frequency of visibility around the overall blogosphere. Ultimately will add search functionality here, but for now here are some "MLBlogs" search results: IceRocket | Technorati | Feedster | Google | Sphere

Michael McHugh,’s kid reporter based in Houston, is our MLBlogger of the Week. He will be on the MLB Radio "Under the Lights" show at 10:20 ET tonight (and hopefully will talk about what it was like interviewing Barry Bonds), so you can look for that on the homepage or catch the replay whenever it’s added to the drop-down menu under the Multimedia heading on the MLBlogs homepage. All of the previous MLBloggers of the Week are listed there, and continue to email us if you’d like to appear in a future Friday appearance to talk baseball and promote your MLBlogs.

We welcome T.R. Sullivan to the MLBlogosphere this week with Postcards from Elysian Fields. He is the seventh beat writer to start an MLBlog (preceded in order of start date by Matthew Leach, Jason Beck, Mark Feinsand, Ian Browne, Steve Gilbert and Corey Brock), and judging by the hundreds of comments Feinsand is getting, fans love being able to connect this way with the traveling person who is closest to that team.

Maybe you’ve noticed this week that Vernon Wells definitely has a No. 1 fan . . . and a pretty funny one at that. How many of your 25 allotted All-Star Online Ballot votes have you used up? As you can see, he wants you to vote for the Blue Jays’ outfielder. Not a bad argument; Wells is on pace for roughly a 40-120-.330 season.

It’s interesting when you look through the list of pitchers who are on 20-win pace right now and see which ones are complete surprises in that mix. Who would have thought Jason Marquis and Wandy Rodriguez would be leading the Cards and Astros, respectively, in wins? Tom Glavine is tied at the top with seven wins, but what if the Mets had kept Kris Benson to go along with him? And what if the Mets still had their former phenom Scott Kazmir?

Happy Memorial Day weekend to anyone heading out for the road and the barbecues . . .

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Oh god, don’t get me started on Kazmir. I have a friend at Shea who won’t even call Victor Zambrano by his name; he simply refers to him as “Not Kazmir.”

-The Baseball Collector

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