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Red Sox Chick is at it again, so be sure to join her liveblog of Rays-Sox. If anyone else is liveblogging tonight, please post a comment here.

Your friendly neighborhood Liveblog Match Assist Operator (****) wants to be your hookup for opposing-team MLBloggers who might want to liveblog "against" you on any given day. So be sure to always comment here if you are planning to liveblog, so others can create a match. Then we also can publicize it and help drive people to the liveblog duel.

Dave at Mad Dog Reports had the early word on Jeter’s 2,000th hit.

OK, time to post another Spheroid. See if you can guess which team will be represented. Right now a couple of teams have a batch of MLBloggers in line to be Spheroids, and we want to spread the wealth so please respond to those Nine Questions when you look at the previous Spheroids here.

Less than an hour until MLBlogger Michael McHugh steps up to the plate for his "Under the Lights" appearance on MLB Radio. Here’s the link, and you can email or IM the show.

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I want to live blog? How do I go about getting started?

Jen aka BD

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