Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Thanks to Michael McHugh for appearing as our MLBlogger of the Week on MLB Radio’s "Under the Lights" on Friday night. You can hear our MLB.com kid reporter by clicking the drop-down menu under the Multimedia heading on the MLBlogs.com homepage. We’ll keep this going all season to give folks a chance to talk baseball and promote their MLBlogs.

Don’t know about you, but I haven’t been able to get "Sweet Vernon Wells" out of my head since listening to that song on Buck Canyon’s MLBlog earlier Friday . Nice of Red Sox Chick to post the real lyrics during her liveblog.

Writing a Derek Jeter career-retrospective story now, so be on the lookout at MLB.com and yankees.com.

Will be looking for some of the coolest Memorial Day theme posts this weekend . . . who’s grilling?


Those are good ones, Z & K. Guess someone needs to do the hot dog post. Personal favorite home run trot: Rolen. Breaks the land speed barrier.


“What about Jason Grilli?”

And hitters who hot dog it after a home run?



What about Jason Grilli?

I saw that video earlier Friday — I was happy to see it wasn’t worse than I was expecting. Great to have concerned friends!

So what’s the hottest grill for 2006?

I work at a hardware store. One of my main jobs is to assemble and sell grills… gotta pay the tuition somehow, right?

By the way, tonight’s post looks at possible deals for SP for the Yankees, a Review of Friday, and a video that I’m pretty sure everyone needs to watch. It’s, well, great. Anytime the kids are saying, “Oww.. Oww…” “Somebody get someone! … Are you alright?” It’s good.



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