Wednesday in the Sphere

TaylorCongrats to Taylor Hicks. Nice to have an American Idol with the same last name as a Major League Baseball owner, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him bringing his music one day to millions of baseball/music fans on — like Jewel just did.

From one Show to another, big welcome to our two latest call-ups here in the MLBlogosphere, both of whom have a vested interest in this game now finishing at Fenway:

State of the 2006 Red Sox MLBlog Nation
It’s all about the boys in Pinstripes.

And Cub Fans is now in the game as well.

If you read David Wright’s latest entry today, then you know that he decided on a permanent name for his MLBlog: Wright Now. Shawn got the shout-out from him for being the first to suggest that one, which was among more than 650 comments (a blogosphere record?) on No. 5’s first post.

David’s latest post did not mention that the Mets’ Magic Number is now 113. Think Mets fans are excited about this season?

Don’t look now, but someone is waking up in Cleveland. Big CC just threw his second straight complete game and has four wins since coming off the DL. Did you see his diving tag at first?! The Indians had that monstrous second-half surge last year and this is the team so many people were picking to get to the playoffs in ’06. What a division.

Jesse Sanchez posts some of our favorite stuff, and that includes his glimpse into the world of someone you probably don’t think about enough.

Here are some Recently Updated Photo Albums. How’s yours?


Lo, if you re-save that post with the **** in it, it will show up. Thanks for the heads-up, and don’t hesitate to point out any others that we can evaluate on a case-by-case basis.


Hi Mark!
Thanks for fixing the l.mao thing =). I hope it wont be too much trouble, ha ha.

I love it here at mlblogs! I wonder why i didnt open an account sooner! You make everything so easy and convenient! And thanks for the welcome =).

See you around!

– Lo


I’m trying to put together a photo album, but the introduction won’t print out. I tried taking out the cover photo, thinking the size of it was the problem, but I still don’t get the intro to print. Any ideas?


Not throwing stones or aspersions at all Met fans, but by christ there were some ******** at the game today..
Little was I to know the discomfort that was to befall me.

I’m having an issue with posting. The spellcheck, font buttons, link, picture, and indentation stuff doesn’t show up. What do I do?

I guess I should get started on my photo album from the May 5th game I went to since I got a new computer. (a MacBook Pro!) It’s so nice out though🙂


The Help ticket capability is within your Typepad software.


Mosaic…I couldn’t remember what it was . I definitely want to try it out.

Do I have to go the typepad website to do that or can I do it from my blog?


Hi, Tiffany — MLB.TV Mosaic is coming very soon, keep your eyes out. It’s awesome!

I have no idea on the Comments issue. As you noted, I was able to comment there with no problem. The only thing I could suggest is doing a Help ticket within your Typepad software.


Hey Mark,
I’m not able to comment on Marc’s (Ravings of a Rabid Cardinal Fan) blog. When I select comments, there is no box to type into. He said you were able to leave a test comment fine though. I haven’t had this problem on anybody else’s blog. Any suggestions?

Also, any idea when the multiple screens for MLB.TV that you previwed on here might come out? I’m looking forwad to that!


I’ve never watched “American Idol.” Not even for a second. Anyway, I’ve been too busy lately, adding dozens of photos to my albums. I encourage everyone to check ’em out.


(a.k.a. The Baseball Collector)

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