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Thanks for the patience after a week of elusive blogging. Now it’s off to college baseball for this blogger’s firstborn, and was fun to see a high school graduation again. Some random thoughts after a week taking in America and treasured moments:

  • First of all, great to see so many new MLBlogs constantly popping up. Darryl’s Twins update is the latest one. We added “Rookies” to the homepage recently and hopefully you are helping to welcome the call-ups to The Show. And how does it get any better than seeing a Major League mascot blog? Welcome back to the Sphere, Raymond. How do you type with those big hands/paws/whatever?
  • Catching up here for our friend Diane Firstman of Diamonds are for Humor. She was our MLBlogger of the Week on MLB Radio’s “Under the Lights” show
    last Friday night, and you can now listen to the clip of her appearance
    by clicking the drop-down menu under the Multimedia heading on the
    MLBlogs.com homepage. Email us if you’d like to talk baseball and promote your MLBlog on future Friday nights.
  • It’s going to get mighty confusing around here in the MLBlogosphere if Barry Bonds just keeps on going and threatens Hank Aaron for numero uno. What will you think of when MC Hammer blogs like he just did about Barry’s latest blast? What will Hammer Time mean? This post obviously showed how much No. 714 for Barry hit home with the former Oakland A’s batboy…site of all those wins by Rudi, Reggie, Catfish, Sal & Co.
  • One of the coolest things heard on the radio while driving back to NYC from STL was all the attention the Reds’ broadcast team gives The Bad Boy Blog while they’re calling a typical Reds game on WLW 700-AM. Steve Stewart, who teams with Hall of Famer Marty Brennanman in that booth, talked about seeing sights while in Detroit, and again told all listeners to go to reds.com to see his pictures he snapped. It’s just another way that more and more people discover MLBlogs for the first time, and if you were in Recently Updated Weblogs at that time, then you could have been a direct beneficiary. It all trickles down, and again MLBlogs is the only place where you can blog and have it visible to many millions of baseball fans as a link on MLB.com, all 30 club sites, MiLB.com, MLBPlayers.com and other MLB.com affiliates.
  • Slugga
    So my high school grad won’t want this revealed, but that’s OK. He had a huge senior season at Ryan Howard’s alma mater, and in the first game of districts he had a chance to win the game with two out in the bottom of the seventh. First pitch is a classic home run swing that’s just under the fastball; that would have been No. 5 for him. Second pitch fouled out of play. Takes one for 1-2. Then he flies out to right, and suddenly the season’s over, off to Legion and college. The players meet, and my boy is crying, which he never does. I hug him, and he doesn’t say anything about the last at-bat opportunity. He just says between sobs: “Dad, this was the best bunch of guys ever.” That was one of the coolest things I ever heard him say. Remember how you felt when you suddenly realized that high school was over? (Red Sox Teen Nation, you’ll find out soon enough.) There’s something else to blog about — what graduations mean to you.
  • A day before watching a graduation this past Sunday, your friendly neighborhood blogwatcher watched his 14-year-old hit his first ball out of a park on Saturday, which meant having to go chase down the ball near the trees 340 feet to left-center. He had hit three triples that just missed in the 8 am game, and this was the 10 am half of the doubleheader. The coach signed it with the distance and date for him to keep, and the next day the entrance for the 10-field facility had a big marquee sign that read in block letters: CONGRATULATIONS (SON’S NAME HERE), HOME RUN, U-14, FIELD 2. Funniest sight was him rounding second on his trot with both arms up in the air…you can get away with it when you’re 14 and not have to worry about getting plunked next AB. If you played, do you remember your first real homer?
  • Be on the lookout for David Wright’s next MLBlog post, which could be in a Recently Updated Weblogs list near you in the next 24 hours. Especially eager to see if he decides on a name for his blog. You’ll recall that more than 650 people commented on his first post, so there were tons of suggestions. Getting it Wright is the working title.
  • A handful of Spheroids are lined up, and thanks for the patience if yours is on deck, in the hole or somewhere in the batting order. Reminder that if you want to see previous Spheroids, just click the Spheroids category in this blog’s side panel so you’ll see only those. Thanks also to Reid and whoever else was liveblogging during this past week.
  • So what are you blogging about now? Don’t forget to post a quickie comment here about your latest entry and include your URL so we can help get people over there. Tell Hammer what you thought of Barry’s shot that tied The Bambino, liveblog against someone and tell us about it, be a Spheroid, get on MLB Radio, comment on as many other MLBlogs as you can while leaving your URL, have your baseball blog seen by baseball fans. Life is good in the Sphere and out on the road. There are a lot of stars on the PA Turnpike at night, and here, too.



Congrats on your son. The two biggest smiles on my face were the day mine was born–and the day he turned eighteen 8)

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard


No, I wasn’t bashing you at all! I had a great time live blogging. You actually knew a lot about the Royals, but I figure most people would be better at and prefer to blog their own team.

However, I was eyeing the Tigers game on the schedule as well. It’s on a weekend, which works well for me and the time difference.



Haha Tiffany, are you bashing the fact that I wasn’t a Royals Fan? I thought it still made for great fun. In all seriousness though, the Tigers play the Cardinals in mid-late June I believe – I’ll be happy to liveblog that with you, it would be a ton of fun. I’ll contact you.



Sorry Mark, call me a fool, but I’ve tried everything to get a direct link but I can’t get it to work like Diane’s..
Any other ideas mate..???

Thanks Mark! I love it!!! I get that song sung to me all the time, ha ha.
Thanks for the very kind welcome =).


I recently liveblogged the Cardinals/Royals game opposite of Reid (http://redbirdfever.mlblogs.com/my_weblog/2006/05/royalscardinals.html) and am hoping to find someone else to liveblog with again soon, preferably a fan of the team we’re playing. Possible upcoming opponents: Padres, ‘Stros and Brewers. Leave a comment on my blog if you’re interested.



It’s weird because I look forward to graduating from school a lot, but then I remind myself that these are probably some of the best days of my life. My brother is graduating on June 4th I think, and he is already out of school, which is probably why I’m so eager to get out of here.
The newspaper advisor at my school makes sticking around for two more years a little better though. We are actually getting a real office for next year instead of the closet we’ve been in this year. It should be fun.



Diane, here is the link you would give to anyone:


Dave or any other past MLBloggers of the Week, you would just right-click on your link in that drop-down menu under Multimedia, and click View Page Source. You will be able to find the specific part of that code that you just substitute into what I just posted here for Diane’s. That’s the best I can offer, other than telling people to click the drop-down menu and listen…which is the only way to do it if you want it to play in the MLB.com media player.



That was a really touching story about your son. Thank you for sharing it…

I’m in the process of blogging about the Astros’ “Kiddie Corps” of starting pitchers (rookie-occupied spots 3, 4, and 5 in the rotation) and how the kids are really coming through for us. I’m also going to be in Pittsburgh this weekend to see the Astros take on the Pirates (a spontaneous and solitary road trip) and will of course be blogging about that over the weekend and post-trip (hopefully including some pictures but we’ll see!).



Echoing Dave’s request …

I’d like to send an audio copy of my UTL broadcast to friends and family, without having to have them create an MLB account name.

Any ideas? Thanks!


Sounds like you’ve got great kids. When I came off the mat after my last high school wrestling match, I felt the same way. After all the years of being teammates, it was suddenly over. I’m sure college ball will treat your grad well; it’s a whole new experience to look forward to.

Let’s go Pirates,



Hey mark.
Do you know how I can get a direct link to my interview on ‘under the lights’ on 5/12/06. I need to e-mail it to family and friends in Ireland.. Cheers mate..

Thanks for the shout-out Mark… Anyway, I do remember my first home run. It was, however, a year I’d like to forget – our team was awful. This was back in the little league days when the fields were less than proper. It was a deep, deep fly to center. By the time it had rolled to a stop, it had reached the edge of the infield on the opposing diamond.

Anyway, just made my nightly post. We covered Tigers v. Royals, Yankees and pitching moves, and a little non-baseball related story about two guys who really, really didn’t want to go to jail. In the previous two days, we discussed moves the Yankees might be making before July 31st, and covered nearly the whole weekend in review.



MLBlogs has made my quest for 3,000 baseballs at Major League Games a lot of fun and let’s my friends & family on the East Coast and in the Midwest follow along. It also allows new fans follow the action in the stands! Yes there is a game on the field but the competition for a baseball in the stands is just as entertaining!

I look forward to making the Active Roster as well as being a Spheroid too!

Major League Ballhawk – Chasing 3,000 baseballs


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