Spheroid: A New Pirates Generation


In a little over a month, the whole baseball world will be focused on beautiful PNC Park in Pittsburgh. For now, here’s a little glimpse into what makes an MLBlogger in Steeltown tick. Register for your chance to buy All-Star Week tickets, and then take a look at the endorsement Cory at A New Pirates Generation gives that host ballpark. Here are Nine Questions with today’s featured Spheroid, and nice to see more black and gold around the Sphere these days:

What is your favorite team and why?

I’m a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, I always have been and always will be. I live about 25 minutes away from the most attractive and fan-friendly ballfield in the world, PNC Park. My family had season tickets when I was little at Three Rivers, and I just bought my first partial plan last season. There’s nothing like following your hometown team through the ups and downs.

Why did you sign up for an MLBlog?

I stumbled on an MLBlog by mistake. Greg Brown, one of the Pirates’ announcers, wrote a little bit last season, and I found his work while I was looking through the Pirates’ website. A few links later, and I’m all signed up. I love writing — I edited the sports page for my high school newspaper — and even thougPiratesh I’ve never blogged before, I’m starting to really enjoy it. I eat, breathe, and sleep Pittsburgh baseball, so why not write about it, too?

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Blogging lets me organize my arguments in a forum that’s accessible to anyone and everyone. A few of my friends are Pittsburgh fans and baseball fans in general, and I like to be able to voice an educated opinion to them. I don’t want to be one of those fans that trash talks a team just because of a recent mistake. Blogging lets me think out loud and hopefully give other fans some information that they didn’t have before or had never thought of.

Favorite blogs of any kind, including at least one MLBlog:

Sportsfilter.com is a site that houses a lot of information about a variety of sports. It hosts a lot of posts from a number of individuals who definitely know what they’re talking about. As far as MLBlogs, I like the other Pirates bloggers, Jake at Bucco Blog and Nicolas at Call Me Ogden — after all, misery loves company. Baseball as Life and MLB Musings with Michael are probably my favorite non-Pittsburgh blogs.

Last thing you bought at the MLB.com Shop:

I haven’t picked up anything at the MLB.com Shop, although I was looking at a couple of WBC items . . . an orange Bobby Abreu Venezuela T-shirt and a Jeter or Willis USA jersey. I just ordered some Pirates stuff off of another site . . . a replica batting helmet, a black T-shirt jersey, and some other random baseball apparel.

Your most memorable Major League moment(s):

I was in the left field reserved bleacher section (one of my favorite seats at PNC Park, first row behind the wall in the middle of LF) when Jack Wilson deposited a grand slam there last season. The ball actually grazed off of my arm — I swear I would’ve caught it, but I was fumbling with my scorecard and generally going nuts. I was in the same section for another interesting experience; when the Mets came to town, Cliff Floyd accused a fan 10 feet away from me of spitting on him. The fan didn’t do it, but both the grand slam and the Floyd spittle got me limited (very limited) SportsCenter exposure.

What was your favorite post?

I liked my first post, a response to a Lanny Frattare request. He wanted listeners to reply with suggestions for their All-Presidents team while the Bucs were in Washington for a series against the Nationals. I actually sent him a note, and he mentioned me on air during a broadcast and sent me a card back via snail mail a week or so later. It was an awesome experience as a Pirates’ fan; Lanny’s the greatest announcer baseball has.

Happiness is . . .

Sitting on the third base line about 20 rows back at about 8 o’clock on a June night. There’s not a better view in the world. The sun sets on the city just right, you have a great view of downtown (not to mention the playing field), and the weather’s just right. If you haven’t been to PNC Park, you’re missing out. MLB will have a fantastic All-Star Game host in 2006. A close second would be a Pirates game on Opening Day, when all the enthusiasm is still in the air.

What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

I’d probably be working on retooling my fantasy baseball teams or maybe checking the lines for the next day’s ballgames. I’ve said it before — I’m a college kid with a baseball addiction. If I didn’t have to work, eat, or sleep, I’d probably be thinking about baseball 24/7/365.

Please join A New Pirates Generation all season, and email us if you with your responses to these (or any other) questions if you would like to be a featured Spheroid and raise more awareness about your own MLBlog.


Thanks for finally talking about >Spheroid: A New Pirates
Generation MLB.com Blogs Central <Liked it!


If you do come to Pittsburgh, it’s an experience you won’t regret. And be sure to try a Primanti’s Sandwich–a Pittsburgh exclusive that’s the best food deal in the park.



This Spheroid has inspired me to consider a trip to PNC Park from Syracuse this weekend, when the Astros play there. Money is really the only consideration, but you may have sold me on it regardless🙂 I haven’t seen the Astros live and in person since Spring Training, so it would be like seeing an old friend–and the park sounds so nice. If I do end up going, I’ll certainly be blogging about it. And possibly posting a new photo album as well, if I can get a decent seat and some decent pictures. Big if, I think. Enjoyed the read!



photoalbum question. I can’t get the introduction on my cover sheet to print out. Uisng Classic White Background. Tried eliminating the photo, thinking it was too large, that didn’t help. Any ideas why it wouldn’t work?


I can attest to the fact that Cory Humes is a really good writer. Check out his blog. He is also a fellow under 25er, which makes him cool.
Check out what I wrote today. I forget what it was about, but it probably has something to do with the Sox/Yanks game tonight, which the Sox are currently (fingers still crossed) winning 4-1.

Go Sox!



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