Road Trip

Sorry to go a few days without posting — am on the road in STL, watching my oldest son graduate from HS and also play in the state baseball tournament. He’s a 5-tool outfielder (.470!) off to college ball and with any luck I’ll be pulling his arm to start an MLB player blog right here one day!

Some trip observations during a drive from NYC to STL:

Spent much of PA drive listening to the Pirates broadcasters’ pregame show during a rain delay. It is a real treat to listen to a Major League game on the radio if you don’t usually do that. I’m pretty into MLB.TV these days, along with regular TV. It just felt good to do that again. Of special note was the taped interview with Vin Scully, which was fascinating. Never knew that Scully was scared out of his mind sitting next to Red Barber those first days in the booth…try to imagine that now. Vin also said he has gone out of his way to NOT make friends out of players, so he can be free to be objective in his play-by-play. The one exception, he said, was Ralph Branca; he said each took an acquaintance on a double-date once, and that fortunately he did not have to be in a position to lose objectivity.

Listened to the YANKEES CLASSIC between Pittsburgh and someplace just east of Indy. Unbelievable. And so was the radio broadcast of John Sterling and Suzy Waldman. If you watched it and thought it was incredible, then you should hear how it sounded over the airwaves on a highway in the middle of nowhere, winding through Wheeling to Columbus to Dayton. You could feel the collision between Teixeira and Posada, and you had to wait till it was over before bailing off for z’s at a roadside stop. Apparently Joe Torre said after the game that it was one of the 10 best games in which he had ever been involved — "somewhere in the middle of that list" — and that’s saying something considering how many decades of ball he has seen. It was one of those games you keep talking about long after the night is over…as is happening in this post.

We have Gameday Audio to give fans that radio-broadcast fix, and it’s a great deal. Gotta say that on this drive, it just felt good again to just have the radio on with nothing but four wheels and the Interstate, and the voice of a baseball broadcaster. That’s livin’.

What is something you like to do every now and then as a baseball fan just to flash back to those days when the pastime was brand-new?


Looks like we were both gone at the same time, Mark. You must have had more fun than I did, though, as I was in the hospital.
Your son’s graduation is in May? My brother is graduating this year too, and though he is now officially done with school, his actual graduation isn’t until June 4th.

As for flashbacks to when the game was new, I read. As an avid reader and baseball lover, one of my favorite baseball books is The Celebrant, which is about a diehard Christy Mathewson fan who was also a jewler and made some of the first rings for ballplayers. (Okay, so it is fictional and probably not true as far as the rings go, but it is still a great book).

And by the way, .470? Your son must be a heck of a baseball player.


Mark, just a reminder. Tiffany ( and I are live-blogging tomorrow’s Cardinals-Royals affair at 7:10pm.


When I need a fix of baseball’s halcyon days, I stay away from MLB parks- at least the newer ones – and take in a high school, college or minor league game instead.

The players’ visible enthusiasm and comraderie set in intimate parks free from blaring hip hop and Panda Express(that’s Chinese for “Yummy”)consistently provide a reasonably priced, genuinely entertaining “throwback” experience.

Over many years, radio has delivered about a third of my fondest baseball memories – yet I listen to baseball on radio only 1 or 2% of the time. Maybe I ought to revisit that?

— Happy Graduation to kid Newman with the really good pop(.470!!)😉

Going to the park early on a Sunday afternoon, eating a hot dog, sitting in the cheap seats, watching batting practice. This for me is pure heaven…

Just to let people know: I’ve been a little irate (okay, really irate) about the way Astros middle-reliever Russ Springer has been demonized by Bonds apologists and ESPN and the national media after he drilled Bonds in the second game of the Giants-Astros series. And I’ve been blogging about it. I welcome comments. Also, in support of Russ Springer, I’m making a small donation to the Texas Chapter of the Autism Society of America, his charity of choice (his son Jake is autistic). I invite Houstonians and others to do the same.

Mark, it sounds like a great trip. And good luck to your son in his tournament.


Just going to the ballpark is a trip through the Wayback Machine for me.

For quite a number of years, my father and I used to go the ballpark on or near my birthday. I was going to revive that custom last year for my 50th (July 31) but by that time, the A’s had exiled Byrnesie, so I didn’t go. Instead, I watched that day’s Orioles game on and saw Byrnesie go 3-5 with a homer!

Armchair managers are welcome to add their opinions on what the 2-7 D’Back batting order should be

And I’ve got a new poll asking about votes for Eric Byrnes for the All-Star Game.


Sounds like fun Mark….
I’mm going to attempt a live Blog today Aaaaaaargh, should be a laugh though..

I agree – there is nothing like baseball on the radio. I actually prefer it on the radio versus TV. I love the anecdotes, the sounds of fans and the crack of the bat in the background, the less-serious approach radio guys take. Great stuff!

Sounds like a great trip so far.

I love getting out of NYC and experiencing baseball on the road. I’m 28 years old now, and my “adult” life has become filled with too many different things for me to be able to obsess over baseball 24/7. But when I get on a plane and fly off to a random city for some Major League Baseball…and check myself into a hotel in the middle of nowhere…and do nothing except hang out at the ballpark all day and watch baseball highlights on TV all night, it takes me back to the good ol’ days when life was simpler and all I needed to get me through the day was baseball.

Happy travels, Mark.

I’m jealous—but looking forward to hearing more…

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