Happy Mother’s Day

It is something to think about 365 days a year, but on this Mother’s Day there is nothing more important around Major League Baseball than the subject of breast cancer. It is a disease that will be diagnosed in nearly 275,000 women in 2006 as either an invasive or non-invasive form, and the best thing about today’s games is that millions of people in ballparks and viewing on TV or online around the world will be forced to stop and think about it. That’s the best thing that can happen.

My story on MLB.com
discusses the pink bats that so many players were eager to use on this day, and thanks go to the Hillerich & Bradsby Co. for coming up with the idea and creating them for the hitters. They will be signed and put up for bidding at the MLB.com Auction (along with team-logo pink bats signed by each club), and the proceeds of the auction will go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The Komen Foundation, known far and wide for those "Race for the Cure" events, also is benefiting through the Strikeout Challenge on MLB.com. It should all result in a terrific sum for that cause, and paramount is the simple awareness that is happening for many people as I am typing this — watching Mark Kotsay use a pink bat to knock a pitch from Randy Johnson into the right-field seats.

In getting to know more about the Komen Foundation throughout our involvement with these events, I read the Komen newsletter and for the first time understood the origin of that wonderful foundation. Many of you already know this story, but it is worth repeating here. The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation was founded on a promise made between two sisters –- Susan Goodman Komen and Nancy Goodman Brinker. Suzy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1978, a time when little was known about the disease and it was rarely discussed in public. It was certainly before an age when tough Major League Baseball players would swing symbolic pink bats during games to make it known. Before she died at the age of 36, Suzy asked her sister to do everything possible to bring an end to breast cancer. Nancy kept her promise by establishing the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in 1982 in Suzy’s memory.

You can help in the ways mentioned above, and you also can help by going to the Komen website or by sending a donation to:

Susan G. Komen Foundation
5005 LBJ Freeway
Suite 250
Dallas, Texas 75244

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, my own awesome Mom back in Indiana included. With all of that said above, it continues to be fun looking for The Perfect Mother’s Day Blog. Hopefully you read Dan Haren’s latest blog with his shout-out to his mother Gladys, which is kind of cool to see while you watch him pitching against the Bombers and those pink bats.

MLB.com’s Matthew Leach just kind of said it all in his latest post.

Keep an eye on the Sweet Spot on the MLBlogs.com homepage, as we are updating it throughout the day with blogs related to Moms. Three cheers to Red Sox Mom for her special guest appearance — fabulous post about those halcyon ’60s days at Fenway where she and Red Sox Dad would watch the inimitable Tony C as he grew into a local legend. If Tony C were on the Red Sox today, he would be asking what’s up with all the rain. The Red Sox were just rained out for third time at Fenway this season, one under their entire 2005 total. As a special thanks here are your early probables for the Baltimore series, Red Sox Mom:

Monday: Josh Beckett (4-1, 4.70) vs. RHP Rodrigo Lopez (1-5, 7.03)
Tuesday: Curt Schilling (5-2, 3.76) vs. LHP Bruce Chen (0-4, 8.42)
Wednesday: RHP Tim Wakefield (3-4, 4.03) vs. LHP Erik Bedard (4-2, 4.63)

Five reasons why Mom is best. (Us Dads get our turn next month.)


Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.
Air Jordan

Found a few old photos and posted them

So Mark, how is this for the power of the blogosphere?

I guess my dad shared the fact that I have a blog on here with every lawyer in Boston, and so one of his fellow ambulance chasers, er, lawyers reads my blog religiously. I had no idea that people besides the bloggers on here and the mlb.com addicts read these. Good thing I found this out before I began to rant about my dad on the blog.



Cyn’s right as I recall, and I also just Googled “kid’s day” for further confirmation. It’s just not “official,” but when you are a kid you don’t have to worry about “official” so much as I also recall.🙂


EVERY day is kid’s day, Arielle!

Why is there Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, even National Secretary’s Day, but no kids day? Not fair! I want breakfast in bed!

I gotta start planning my father’s day list I guess. I really wanted to see Manny with the pink bat, but it is absolutely pouring (as in, the water pressure outside is better than the water pressure in the shower) here, so I guess I gotta wait for the Sox to travel.😦

From wicked rainy Boston



Hi Mark,

Watching the same game.

What a great cause for MLB to do something like that.

I’m celebrating Mother’s Day with my Mom and Dad. Mom’s are important and to show her the importance I paid for her and my Dad to go to Atlantic City.

My Mom has been hampered by three back surgeries, but she would never tell myself, my Dad or sisters if she’s in pain. She can’t travel as much.

Take care,



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